Male bimbo feminization isn’t the turn you thought your life would take, but then you met me.

There is nothing I like more than to treat a man like the little bitch that he is. So, I have this much older guy that wants me so badly. Fuck, I think he even wants to be me! So, I’m going to show him what male bimbo feminization is all about! And, he is going to be a little bitch for my pleasure!

So, he is over at my house right now, watching me pick out what I’m going to wear. And, he has a twinkle in his eye as I sift through my panties. Lace, Cotton, satin, silk, pink, and red. “You know what?” I take the silky pink ones and throw them at him. “Put these on right now.” Then, he looks at me like he didn’t hear what I said. “Do as I fucking say you little fuck pig, did I stutter?” And he nods his head and puts the panties on. Then, he stands there in all his glory in my tiny pink panties. And, I giggle to myself. “You need shoes.”

I hand him some hot pink fuck me pumps on. “While I’m at it, put on this matching bra!” I walk over to my makeup and proceed to give him a full makeover. Eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara. “Good, now you look like the little slut that you are, bend over!” Why turn back now? I’m going to fuck him in his little back door pussy. Then, I put on my twelve-inch black dildo. “Put this in your nasty whore mouth you pathetic piece of shit.”

He starts licking my dick pathetically as expected.

Then, I grab the back of his head and show him how to correctly suck a dick. After, I push it to the back of his throat and hold it there till he is spitting up and gagging. “That’s right you little fucking pansy bitch, be a good cock sucker. Lube it up with your mouth. You don’t want to go in your cunt dry, now do you? Male bimbo feminization is your destiny. You’re lucky your not in permanent male chastity.”

Next, his eyes get big as I keep fucking his throat, making him take all twelve inches. Then, I pull my dick out of his mouth and walk behind him. I pull his panties to the side and start to push this thick fuck stick right inside his pink hole. “Take it like the little bitch that you are!” Then, I ram my dick hard and deep inside of him, splitting him in half. I’m going to fuck him so hard that he is going to walk funny tomorrow! And, his cock is getting hard as I pump myself in and out of him.

“How disgusting are you!” I pull out of him and go back up to his mouth. “Now suck your fucking cunt juice off my dick and clean it.” Those panties are pulling around his cock. Then, he is wetting the crotch of them with his filthy man sperm. Next, his mouth squeezes around my dick and he starts to suck it clean. “Go ahead and touch yourself while you blow me.” He is so worthless! And then, he sucks my cum stick deeper as he tugs on his member.

“If you cum, you better clean it up and eat every drop of it!”

As soon as I say that he starts to squirt all over the floor. I kick his face with my heels towards the floor. “Clean it, you worthless sack of shit. Eat your fucking cum on this floor.” I watch as he licks the ground, sucking his clumpy sticky cum into his mouth. He is such a pathetic pansy panty wearing bitch!

Most of all, I’m glad he knows his place now. Next, I’m going to continue to remind him how gross and pathetic he is. So he could never have my holes wrapped around him. And, I would never want his pervy cock touching me! “First of all, you are a doormat and disgusting. And next time, I might give you a real cock that you need to please. And you most certainly will wear a ruffly pink dress. I want to make you look like a frilly pansy fairy!” He could never be me. But I can and I will make him into the most perfect fuck hole. What’s better than male bimbo feminization anyway? All he will ever be good for is making a guy explode his nut! Take care, my little bitch!

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