I’m finally going to be making you my pay pig!

Making you my pay pig – This is a little bit like a game, but it is also deadly serious. You appreciated my brutal honesty about what I expected of you. It couldn’t have been easy to decide if having some sort of life with me was worth the certainty of eternal servitude and if that would be enough for you. You knew that I genuinely cared for you but that my main interest was financial and how you could serve me.Making you my pay pig story

And I think you knew even then that eventually, I would take it all. You also knew that it was more thrilling and arousing than anything you had ever done. Even as we discussed it I could see that you were flushed with excitement and I was sure that your little dick was so hard it was aching and dripping.

I planned to push you mercilessly past your comfort levels and your boundaries. I expected that you would welcome the pleasure you felt at sacrificing for me and that you would beg for more and more. It was clear that you would never be able to get enough of being controlled and used by a powerful and confident woman.

Once we started this, there was no going back

And I was right. You couldn’t sign the forms fast enough after I presented your new life to you. I insisted, though, that you take the rest of the night to consider this huge decision – my making you my pay pig. I wanted you to really understand that once we started this, there was no going back. This would be impossible to undo.

And I was right. You feel such intense pleasure at sacrificing for me that you beg for more and more of my control, exploitation, and abuse. And now, as I expected, I always get what I want from you. Always. And usually more. Pretty, confident always girls like me can take what they want, often with very little effort. I take from you because we both know I deserve it. You give to me because it’s the only way you can get my attention.

You’ll do anything to make me happy and this desire is more important than any other need you have. You crave the feeling of sacrificing for my happiness – even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts. And then you thank me for the pain. Making you my pay pig story

One exciting and painful year later…

And that is how we got where we are one year later. This was no longer a first time sex story! You immediately had all of your bank accounts and investments signed over to me. You had your paychecks direct deposited to me and the allowance I give you for household bills has become smaller and smaller. So small that it didn’t cover your household bills anymore. Most other things you beg me for are denied except for things necessary for you to continue making money for me, of course. That is what it was like for you after I finished making you my pay pig.

When you were unable to maintain your large, beautiful home, I sold my condo and moved into your house. You obviously wouldn’t be living with me so you found a small, run-down apartment that you could barely afford. You had minimal furniture and I allowed you to take one small TV from the house. And something that must have been very difficult for a former foodie, you lived on ramen noodles so you could give me even more money.

Next up – a very, very good pay pig…


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