Making The Curse Cum True

The first rule of phone sex is: don’t talk about phone sex becoming “IRL” sex. Meeting a caller in real life is pretty much at the top of any PSO’s “Don’t” list. But for the grand finale of my werewolf curse, I just had to see him turn for myself. In person, in real life.


We decided to meet at a notorious graveyard in the state between us. Not only was it just an hour’s drive for us both, but meeting anywhere less occult and dramatic just wouldn’t have done thematic justice to our strange humiliationship. What he didn’t know was that I had brought all of my dominatrix friends (who are, of course, my beloved coven members as well) along for the ride . . . long for the show, really. He probably also didn’t know there was going to be a show — and that it was going to be a one-man/wolf act!

Then again, we had agreed to meet on the full moon. But then again, I hadn’t mentioned that this was the full moon his bizarre wish would finally cum true. But then again: he knew I was a conniving bitch. And I knew he would suspect something even if I assured him it wouldn’t happen this time. I knew that he wanted it to happen, no matter how much it hurt. He got off on that pain, the unpredictable thrills of those changes happening throughout.

His entire body as it became simultaneously consumed by excruciating arousal and sheer terror.

And I definitely knew that being the shameless, perverted exhibitionist he is he wanted an audience for his big debut, too. There wasn’t enough room in my car to fit enough hysterically cackling witches of his wettest dreams — but the four of us were going to get a good chuckle, anyway . . . that was for sure.

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