I thought fucking my stepson would make my husband freak!


Little did I know that my man would actually relish at the sight of his son’s cock deep inside me. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I can have them both now. I grew tired of sneaking around with my stepson. Convincing him that it was a good idea to show me the good time I was so desperate for was no walk in the park. My husband loves me so dearly, and has always wanted to see me happy and thriving. His stepson gives it to me better than anyone I’ve ever fucked. He and I have made my husband the ultimate cuckold. 

Every so often my stepson and I would fuck while my husband was out running errands or at work. But, on occasion, there were those times when I just couldn’t wait. His cock was so good I just had to bend over and let him have me right then and there. At times, he and I would fuck with my husband in the next room. We would make him the ultimate cuckold by fucking in plain sight. He was usually so oblivious that it was almost laughable to think we’d ever get caught. My poor, sweet husband would have never suspected that we were fucking behind his back. 


The idea of making my lover the ultimate cuckold with my stepson was so invigorating!


My husband first caught me having sex with my stepson early on. He heard us fucking in the laundry room. My legs were wrapped around my stepson’s torso and he was drilling into me with everything he had. I didn’t know at the time, but my husband just silently listened to the entire thing. After that occurrence, he began to sneak around and wait for an opportunity to leave the two of us alone. He loved waiting around the corner and hearing clothes being torn off, loved listening as my stepson and I went at it like animals. But there came a time when it just wasn’t enough for him anymore. He wanted to watch. He was truly the ultimate cuckold.


After about a month of my stepson and I thinking we were successfully sneaking around, my husband finally spoke up. I was shocked to learn just how much it turned him on knowing that another man had me. Especially since the man in question was my stepson. But, hey, it was my job to make the two most important men in my life happy. I was in no position to turn down my stepson, and in no position to deny my husband of his desires. If he wanted to be the ultimate cuckold, I would make him so. 


He had a front row seat to every naughty encounter I’d ever have with another man.


Once I knew that my husband was into the idea of watching me get fucked, I fully dived into his fantasies. I began expanding my horizons, and he fell even more in love with me each time. Anyone from my coworkers to randoms I’d meet at at the grocery store would come home to let my husband watch me experience their cocks drilling into me. He loved being the ultimate cuckold just for me. Loved watching me submit to strong, powerful men. 

I even let him watch me fuck my first shemale, which was quite an adventure! Thanks to his new fetish and my inability to control my sexual urges, we finally made the perfect team in bed. I wanted his eyes locked on mine every time I felt a giant cock inside me. Nothing brought me to my orgasm quite like seeing him jerk off to me getting the pleasure I deserved. Just because he couldn’t please me with his own cock, doesn’t mean he couldn’t please me at all. I can’t wait to make him watch me get fucked hard and deep for the rest of our horny lives together! And it’s all thanks to his naughty stepson!

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