He was becoming so distracted he could not pay attention to my hair.  I asked Daddy if he remember how I use to sit on his lap facing him straddling his lap.

He did not say anything but just looked at me.  I stood up and dropped my towel, I slowly climbed up on his lap.  I pushed my pussy against the bulge in his pants. I let out a little moan and rubbed up and down some more.  He was trying to get me off him, he was trying to make me stop.

I just planted my lips on his.  Kissing him deep soft kisses.  Gently grazing his bottom lip with my tongue. He could not resist anymore.  He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me on to him harder.  Making me rock back and forth even more.  He flipped me over onto the bed, positioning himself on top of me.  Staring deep into my eyes before planting another long intense kiss on my lips.

He kissed my necks, my nipples, my belly and then my clit.  electricity went through my body. I was so hot, so turned on.  I think I fell “in love” with my Daddy that day.  He could not help himself any longer he unzipped his pants and pushed himself inside me.  He had a huge cock and it felt so good.  He shoved himself in deeper and harder and faster.  It was intense so erotic. We were making love!   We both were becoming overwhelmed with desire.  Emotions were flowing.  He licked my nipples and lifter my legs around his head.

We instantly cummed hard with each other.  Him inside my now virginless pussy and me all over his rock hard cock.  Everything was different between Daddy and I after that.  We slept together every night.  We cuddled naked.  Sometimes we would spend whole weekends together naked around the house, just chilling.