My Daddy….Tall, dark and very handsome. Genuinely kind and sweet.  I remember the first time we made love.  I had just blossomed into my soft titties.  My ass had become round and plump.  I started to wear make up.  Daddy’s princess was transforming into quite the sexy queen.  He knew it to.  

At first he tried to hide he was looking at me, staring at my ass or my tits.  It started to turn me on.  So I took it one step further by wearing no panties under my skirt and sitting crossed legged on the couch.  Making sure he could see every bit of my pink.  I started to rub my pussy in the shower with the door open a crack.

On the day that I caught him peeking, I got out of the shower wrapped a towel around myself and went to his bedroom.  As I opened the door I caught him rubbing his hard cock.  I pretended I didn’t notice.  I told him I had a huge knot in my hair and I needed him to help me brush it out.

He said he would help me.  I  spread his legs open so I could sit right in between them on the bed.  He started to brush my long dark hair, and I pretended to be slipping off the edge of the bed repeatedly, sliding my ass up and down against his hard cock.   I could feel his breath getting heavier and heavier.

Suddenly my towel started to be coming undone exposing some nipple. I loved how the mirror across from us revealed all…… Part 2 will give you an in more depth look at how much my Daddy and I belong together.  Check back soon to finish the love story.