In reality, filthy sex is What I CRAVE! Besides, Connor and I have great (if, sometimes boring) sex. However, it was a long time before I had anything resembling a normal sex life, being a good Catholic girl.  Connor, having 6-brothers, was watching porn by the time he was 11.  So, basically…he’s seen it all.  He wants to do it all too. Therein lies the problem!

One night while fucking me, he said, “Joey, let me cum on your face.” Now usually I would have just said no, but I was a little drunk & horny so, I said, “Beg for it!”

“What?” he said.

Then, I replied, “If you want to cum on my face, beg for it.”

“Please let me cum on your face, Joey. Please!!!???!”

I said, “Fuck me harder!” So, he grabbed my hips and rammed his cock into my pussy.  “OK, let me know when you’re close, and I may let you cum on my face.” giving him my wicked smile.  He seemed to be energized by the thought…because our fucking WAS NOT boring that night!

“Joey, I’m close” and with that, I pushed him off me and covered his cock with my mouth. I grabbed his cock and squeezed, trapping his cum in his balls.  I could taste his pre-cum.


“Please, Joey, I’m gonna explode”

“Who’s the best fuck you’ve ever had?”

“You are Joey, you are”, he cried!

“Damn right, Connor, now DO IT” and I released his cock.

But, It wasn’t his normal tiny squirt; Rather, he EXXXPLODED! Not only that, he’s also thankful! And he can blame it all on Filthy Sex with me!

This is the result of making him beg!


I’m gonna turn into A Queen Bitch a lot more often!