What is in a squirt? Is squirting real? Is it just a girl peeing? Does a girl just stick water up in her vagina, hold it, then push it out when she is ready? So I get these questions a lot. Hell, I used to be one of those naive people asking those questions. I thought the women in porn just put water in their vagina and held it in until it was time for them to “squirt” into the camera. And while I am sure that women do that from time to time, squirting is REAL! 

I found out about a year ago when I was having sex with my fuck buddy. He was starting to eat my pussy and fingering me at the same time. His tongue was massaging my clit, causing me to grab the sheets, getting ready to cum. Then he would back off. He kept repeating this cycle, bringing me to the edge, adding more fingers into me each time, and then backing off. Finally he stopped pulling away and kept licking and fingering mu pussy until….BAM! I squirted and gushed all over the sheets. I used to think that it was fake, and the man between my legs proved me wrong. And he kept proving me wrong. Over and over again, until I was left shaking in soaking wet sheets. And can I say IT FELT FUCKING AMAZING!

Now I have come to the point that every time I fuck this man, I am begging him to make me squirt. And might I add that he is the only man that can make me squirt. Sometimes he gives it to me, but then there are other times he denies me making me beg and beg until we fuck again. I have no idea how he makes me squirt so I can’t do it to myself, but I am planning to figure it out. All I can say is I think every woman should get the chance to squirt, and they should get to do it over and over again.