Make Love To Me All Night Long

Make love to me all night long.
Walk up to me from behind to wrap your arms around me.
Holding me so tight so I can’t slip away.
Pull me back into your strong chest.
Kiss and nibble on the nape of my neck to make me moan softly.
I feel your hands roam all over my body caressing my body.
Massaging me and tickling me as you go.
Slipping your hands under my tight shirt to cup my giant tits.
Tell me, “you love the way my tits feel in your hands.”
Tell me, “you love it when my nipples get hard between my fingers.”
Pinch my nipples as you suck and nibble each of my ear lobes.
Take me to the bedroom as I let you pull off my shirt.
Then unclasp my lace bra and playfully bite my nipples.
I’ll wrap my hands behind your head pulling you in close.
Smothering you between my giant mounds.
Pulling back you smile releasing my tits.
To caress up and down my stomach and unbutton my jeans.
Spinning me around to pin me against the bedroom wall.
Slipping your hand inside my jeans inside panties finding my wet folds.
I watch your excitement grow as you feel how wet my pussy is.
This pussy is just for you.
Come make love to me all night long.
You lean in close to kiss me as we each moan and grind against one another.
I can feel your fingers slowly move inside my slippery pussy.
First you insert two fingers…and then three fingers.
As the heel of your hand rubs against my clit making me quiver.
You can feel my pussy pulsing around your thick fingers.
Your kisses move down my chest.
Sucking each of my nipples pinching them between your teeth.
Pushing my jeans to the floor with your free hand.
I watch you as you get down on your knees smiling up at me.
I can feel your fingers slide out of my pussy, and licking them clean.
Closing your eyes to savor the taste of my juices, moaning as you finish.
Looking up at me and staring into my eyes picking up my right leg.
Propping it on your shoulder letting out a low growl.
As you dive into my juicy wet pussy.
Leaning in to suck on my swollen clit, making me moan.
Gripping your hair in my fists pushing you into my pussy.
Getting me closer and closer to cumming.
You hear me beg for you to stand and fuck me now!!
You suck one last time before moving me to the bed laying me on my back.
Getting on top me, between my thighs thrusting your cock deep in my pussy.
Sliding in and out slow and deep; and quick and hard.
This is the desire I want from you!!
The passion I need from you, baby!!

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