Doctor’s Orders: Make It Wet!

I was horrified when Dr. Henderson told me that I would have to get my appendix removed. He said it was necessary even though I wasn’t having any problems with it. Everything happened so quick. The nurses assured me that everything would be okay and that they assisted the doctor with these types of procedures all of the time. I didn’t really think anything odd when the head surgery nurse  gave me a wet kiss me on the lips before the procedure and said, “Don’t worry Carmen you are in PERFECT hands.”


I’m not sure if they didn’t give me enough of the the knock out meds or if the meds wore off mid “surgery” but, I started to hear talking in the operating room. I couldn’t move and I surely couldn’t talk but, I could hear everything loud and clear!

It was weird because even though I couldn’t move I could still feel everything. So when Dr. Henderson pulled my gown up to my hips and started rubbing warm oil all over my pussy I was both aroused and confused. Things got even more confusing when I felt a pair of female hands massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples. I was trying everything in my power to speak but, nothing was coming out.

Dr. Henderson told one of the two nurses in the room to hand him the “instrument”. Shortly after his words were spoken I felt a nudging at my pussy lips. Whatever it was, felt like the tip of a cock or a dildo maybe. Dr. Henderson used the “instrument” to spread my pussy lips open and play with my wet clit. It was driving me CRAZY because it felt so good but, I couldn’t even move to go along with the sensation.

The harder he worked the instrument up and down my wet clit the wetter I became. The nurses weren’t saying anything and Dr. Henderson was completely quite. It was all so bizarre. Then one of the nurses said, “It looks like it’s time doctor. Remove your pants and get on top of her.” Both nurses placed my feet in stirrups. As the doctor removed his pants, one of the nurses began finger fucking me with her latex gloved fingers. She was stroking the inside of my pussy deep and long. I came quick from her constant in and out motions. I didn’t mean to but, I couldn’t help it!

The sound of my sloppy pussy being finger fucked by the nurse filled the operating room. I could hear sucking and moaning coming from the other side of the room while the nurse masturbating me with her fingers. Thinking back on it, I think those sucking sounds were coming from the other nurse sucking off Dr. Henderson’s cock. After about 5 minutes of sucking, the doctor said he was ready.

He mounted me and inserted his penis into my vagina. His cock felt amazing as it slipped deep inside of my warm, wet pussy. Both nurses just kept playing with my nipples while Dr. Henderson fucked me. He was fucking me so good that the operating table was jerking and squeaking. I couldn’t do anything but, feel his large cock pumping my tight pussy. Once again, the nurses were silent. Dr. Henderson was moaning as he fucked me deeper and harder.

He kept saying, “She’s so tight! She’s so tight!”. And then he came…inside of me. The nurses yelled and scolded him. “Doctor! Did you cum inside of the patient?!” He sheepishly answered, “Yes I couldn’t help it. She was so tight.” One of the nurses still yelled and said, “But what if she…” The doctor interrupted and said, “We’ll worry about that if we have too. You know I always have to cum inside of the extra tight ones!”

Nurse: “Yes Doctor but you promised!”

Doctor: “Yes, Well promises are made to be broken. Now clean her up and bring her out of sedation. We will tell her that the procedure went…as planned.”

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