A Smart Girl Always Goes Over or Under to Make a Desperate Boss Cum.

The perfect girl knows exactly what to do to make her desperate boss cum. She can manage to make him cum over and over. Then when the moment is right, bam! You get him in a position where he cannot say no to anything you may have under your skirt or up your panties so to speak.

So, I have a confession. There are times that I don’t get enough sex. Surprised? Not me.  I constantly feel like I have this itch under my panties that just needs to be touched, licked, kissed, and spanked. Now that we are all stuck inside I’m just beside myself and so horny.

I love to make my desperate boss cum.

Perhaps you’re wondering how I would make a desperate boss cum? You see, when we get so horny sometimes we cannot think of anything else except the urge to cum, and cum hard.

I was asked to join my boss on a conference call. I truly detest conference calls, but it’s part of the job and has to be done. It’s as if he was checking up on me. I don’t know why!

However, I met my boss promptly when he requested. You see, I’ve been working this part-time gig to help my boss do some simple data entry for his business. I’ll never forget when I first met him, I saw stars.

There is no love between us, only hot lust.

There is not just one thing that got me that day. It was so many things. Perhaps it was his brown bedroom eyes that seemed to undress you. Or was it his broad chest, or nice ample tool between his legs? Heck, it was the whole damn package. I just wanted to eat him up so bad.

I had no idea that my boss was into hot public masturbation. Finally, when our feelings were out in the open we fucked hard all over the office. Honestly, I’ve been so horny I’ve spread my legs and put my hand under my panties right at my desk and fingered my hard clit till I came.

Fingering my pussy on the conference call. 

First, we made some small talk about reports and data. Blah, blah, blah. When I get bored I either drown him out or I start fingering my pussy to keep my hands occupied. My boss could hear my breathing and soft moaning. Finally, he asked me what I was doing.

I described to my boss that I was just wearing panties and a T-shirt and how I was rubbing my pussy through my wet panties. We started flirting hard. You see, it had been a minute since we had gotten together and I wanted him so bad.

At first, he tried to get back on topic, but the more I rubbed the more he became distracted. I implored my nasty boss to take down his boxers and join me in some hot fun.

We went there together.

Oh yes, anywhere there is kink you will find me. I teased my boss into rubbing his dick. I love when he strokes his dick with my help. My mouth remembered every inch of him as I took him down my throat or the way he thrust his long shaft deep into my wet hole.

I’ll never forget the last time in his office he took me to his desk and ate my pussy till I squirted all over his desk and face. The next morning there was a nice sticky spot all over the desk and some of his papers. Oh, the sex on his desk was so good!

However, this time I was going to draw it out for a long time. He begged if he could shoot his load all over my slutty face. I told him not till I am ready for you to cum. He sounded like a sissy when he begged. Truth is, I had every intention to let my desperate boss cum if he gave me something first.

I made him stop stroking. He began to whine and plead for release. I asked him what he would be willing to give me in exchange for the privilege of cumming. Of course, he said anything I wanted. Never ever say anything I want. To give a woman that much power, what do you think I did? Who is to say I wasn’t mean for a while after he agreed to let me have certain things? My boss became my sissy bitch at that moment.


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