Though I am not too much of a submissive girl, I do love to be tied up and fucked like a good little slut once in a while!  I love tying up men and teasing them endlessly…its only fair that I let you have the control sometimes, as long as you don’t abuse it.  Surprise me right after a shower…My skin soft and smooth, wearing only a thin silk robe.  You come up behind me and start kissing my neck, reaching around the front of me to grab my tits, you can feel that my nipples are already hard, you know I’m horny for you.  You slide your left hand down to already wet pussy…I moan softly in your ear.  You turn me around and untie my robe, letting it fall to the ground.  You start kissing me, your tongue in my mouth and you grab my right thigh and bring it up around your waist.  You gently lower me down to the bed placing my arms above my head and kissing me deeply..I’m so enthralled by you, that I don’t even notice you tying my hands up to the headboard.  By the time I realize, I don’t even care.  Your lips are kissing their way down my neck, over my tits and to my stomach while your fingers are tracing my sides, making me giggle a little while moaning in pleasure.  Your mouth makes its way down my hips and inner thighs…I tell you how badly I want your tongue on my dripping pussy…you tell me I have to wait and continue teasing me, making me squirm..begging you to taste that sweet pussy of mine……

Call me to continue teasing me….make me beg for your cock and cum…..