Sissy Boi’s Birthday Bash

“It’s like you need a magical perfume potion to find happiness.” I say to Keith as we look around the table of sexy people who have attended his birthday party. He looks at me as if I am rubbing salt into his wound. Keith is actually very good looking with green eyes and hair long enough to tuck behind his ear. He is ultra thin and tall, younger cute guy who is so fine that he has done some male modeling. He has a ton of women knocking down his door. However, even with all that I’ve said about him he still isn’t happy being Keith. He just wants girl talk and to be one of the girls. You can tell that he awkwardly painted his own nails with shaky hands out of fear of being outed while popping a Xanax.

Next, I keep making eye contact with one man in particular. So, I wink at him before wrapping my sexy little lips around the straw; circling my tongue around the tip of the straw in a seductive way making his dick grow hard instantly. Keith shifting in his chair, obviously envious of me and my ultra feminine ways. Little does he know, I’ve got some big big plans for his birthday. A magical perfume potion as my gift to him. He’s always loved the way I smell, look and act; ultra feminine. Well the world would wake up soon, so I hand Keith his birthday gift he takes it gracefully and heads home.

There is magic in the air!

Now, safe in his own private suite Keith sprays himself and basks in the scent of me. Drifting into a deep sleep and he awakes at a secluded private island, a garden of Eden, where he will see how this magical perfume potion is going to change his whole world. Imagine a world where everyone can be their authentic self.

Keith can feel the magic but it hasn’t quite hit him yet, until he sees himself in the mirror! The perfume is a potion that enhances and brings out your natural feminine inner woman. He is now a she. Keith is now officially Kelly. She runs her hands over some newly grown breasts and her cock is gone, it is replaced with a wet juicy pussy.

Feeling natural as a woman and to the left of the bed is another gift with a dress and heels with some satin pink panties and a matching bra, stockings and a guarder. Quickly dressing and while admiring herself in the mirror notices another gift on the bathroom counter. It’s make-up. Being already a beautiful person the beauty of her soul shines through!

It’s time to go out into public wearing the magical perfume potion!

There is a lot of sexy people around and many men fall all over themselves with just one glance from Kelly.  How badly Kelly wants some hot steamy sex with the man that can satisfy her insatiable desire to suck a rock hard cock and test out her new found pussy. This magical perfume potion is going to make her wishes come true. Lips dripping wet with every look and whistle she is getting a great response. She sprays a little of the magical perfume potion on herself and breathes in its fragrant scent. Like a moth to a flame men are surrounding her and she can take her pick.

Walking, her hips with a little extra pop with each step feeling sexy. Kelly’s top choice follows her back to her room. She indulges in rock hard cock for the first time as a woman. Tasting his pre-cum and it makes her nipples hard and her new pussy tingle. He plays with her pussy to see if she is ready to receive a rock hard cock for the first time. Removing his fingers from Kelly’s pussy letting her taste her own sweet nectar. Kelly melts with desire for him because he would get her close to a climax then ease off a couple of times.

After much begging, for that rock hard cock inside of her, a euphoric flood of pleasure pours through Kelly’s body. As hot jiz shoots out of his dick with toe curling back arched moaning in pleasure. With sexy bedroom eyes locked on each other they cum together. Finally Kelly has gotten in touch with her ultra feminine side and found a lover.

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