The Magical Clam

I bet you have never heard the about how Ariel discovered that she did not just get legs…she got something a little more useful. Can you guess what it was? I bet you can…. Clam

Not only did Ursula give Ariel beautiful legs but she also gave her the most beautiful well ‘clam’ as Ariel described it as. After her nice hot bath and she was settled into her room she fell asleep. But after a while she woke up. Her clam was making her body feel funny. She figure maybe it was just upset. So she started to pet her clam to calm it down, but it only made it worse.

Ursula thought it would be a very funny trick to give her a very active pussy. So that all Ariel would think about was sex, instead of trying to get a kiss from Eric. The more Ariel petted her clam the more it took over her body and she went into a kind of trance. She could not control her urges. She jumped out of bed and rushed to what she thought was Eric’s bed room.

Lucky for her, it was in fact his room. It was very dark as she crawled into bed with him and started to suck his cock. She kept wondering in her mind about how she even knew how to do this. But somehow she just knew. Eric started to wake up and grab on to her fire red hair and guide her up and down his already throbbing hard cock.

He told her to turn around, he wanted to taste her. She did as he asked, and as soon as his lips touched her pussy a wave of juices flowed out like an ocean crashing on to his face. As her sweet juices dripped into his mouth Ariels magical clam took Eric over as well. They were both in a sexual daze and sadly they would not even remember what happened that night.

Eric turned Ariel around and slid her down on his cock. He took the sea princesses virginity and did not even know it, in fact he did not even know her name yet. Her body was covered in goosebumps and she let out a large sigh, being that she can not talk, he grabbed her in and pulled her close. He started thrusting in and out of her, in and out, her soft tits hanging freely in his face. Her nipples popping in and out of his mouth.

Eric could not hold it in much longer as her tight little pussy got even tighter with each thrust. He started to feel her body quiver and juices flowed out of her pussy dripping all the way down his cock and balls. As soon as he felt the first few drops of her warm juices drip on his cock he lost it. He shot a huge load of cum inside of her. It was so much cum that it came bursting out of her pussy. Ariel then climbed off of him, took her sweet tongue and licked Eric clean.

Then still in a daze she returned to her room, leaving a trail of wet warm juices on the floor as she walked. They both woke up in the morning not having any clue what happened. But if you have seen The Little Mermaid 2, that was the night Melody was made. 😉

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