I was out shopping at one of those off the beaten path magic shops.

It was a little spooky. The old wooden building smelled of musk and dead roses. After looking around a bit, I picked up a very elaborate crystal bottle and started reading the label. “It’s magic sex cream,” the man behind the counter said with a hard look. He was very tall, dark, and mysterious, but you know I have always been attracted to that kind of lore.

So, I asked, “What does it do?”

With an evil grin on his mouth, he said, “You’ll have to buy it for me to tell you that, Missy.” It’s two hundred dollars a bottle, so I argue I would have to know before paying that price. He insisted I wouldn’t be disappointed. So, I pull out your credit card and buy it. “Okay, this isn’t your ordinary cream at all; this is magic sex cream! Trust me. You are going to love it!” He also said one drop would send my sex life into overdrive. Just be careful. After my crash course in magic sex cream, I start to fantasize.

I have a very vivid fantasy of rubbing your nipples in the magic sex cream.

The slow clockwise circular motion causes your breasts to grow to the size of my liking. I smile and think about the next body part to rub this magic sex cream on, to see what happens. Then, I rub your ass, and hips swell with a beautiful round bottom. With wide eyes and a throbbing deep between my legs, I rub your waist in a counterclockwise motion, and it contracts. I touch your lips, and they get puffy and full.

You are tied down and immobile throughout the whole ordeal.

I finally get to your cock, and make slow strokes. The only pressure is as I pull it towards me. It not only swells but grows to an obscene length and girth; my eyes go wide at the size of it, and I smirk; Then with a giggle, “Oops – wrong direction!” My hand reverses the manipulation so that I’m now stroking from the tip to the base, and it contracts until it feels no bigger than my thumb.

As a result of my command, your tears start to fall.

“Tongue!” You stick it out – the magic sex cream tastes sweet, then your tongue begins to lengthen but also swell a little. I climb on top of your gorgeous face and straddle that new tongue and face fuck you till I cream. “Don’t worry, my pet, you don’t need to speak, you only need to listen and obey. I know you’ll be happy as my new favorite sex toy. Now I’ll keep my magic sex cream somewhere safe and when I’m bored – If I ever get bored – we can look at reversing some of this, or even making things go the other way.

With that, I start to play with your big new jugs, licking and sucking the nipples.

I lick down your now flat belly and slide my hands over your gorgeous physique. Your silky-smooth skin pimples with goosebumps as I run my tongue lower and lower. I make my way slowly down between your long luscious legs as I pull open your thick thighs, revealing that little clit dick, I think to myself. Mmm, I wonder how big it could get. I pull the magic sex cream back out and drop a few drops in my hand.

Starting at the base and moving up.

I watch as it gets 4-inches, then 6, then 10. I rub it to 12-inches long. My hot pussy starts to drip, thinking about how it will feel to stretch over a big fat cock. I climb back up onto you and straddle your cock this time. As I slide my already leaking cunt down the length, I feel it pushing my hole apart. Letting my weight pull me farther and farther down on it. It feels so good! Therefore, I struggle to breathe correctly. Like all pleasant dreams, I woke up, just as I was about to cream that massive cock.

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