A lustful ghost needs to keep moving; so,  I started thinking about my French teacher, Mr. Finn. Plus, I always thought he paid “special” attention to me in class, and I couldn’t help noticing the bulge in his pants when he was helping me conjugate my verbs. I saw him leaving school and followed his car all the way to his beach condo.

I jumped into his body in the shower and started stroking my new cock. So, this is why my brother spent all his time with the door closed. And what a cock! Even flaccid I could see the reason for the bulge. What a feeling of power. I heard the front door open and a sweet voice sing out “Henri, I’m home”. “In the shower, love” I heard myself reply in Finn’s voice.

Finn has good taste. The brunette was about 5′ 7″, 105# and a slim, tight dancers body. She smiled at me and walked into the shower and immediately started sucking my/Finn’s cock. My prick had grown to its full size and,  she could only get about half of it down her throat. So, I forced the rest of it into her mouth, listening to her gag and moan with pleasure.  I’m a lustful ghost and I’m on borrowed time!

Then, I slammed my cock up her ass with one thrust. From her reaction I guessed that Finn wasn’t a backdoor man; but, she pushed her ass deeper onto my cock, moaning “More”!  So, I plowed until cum escaped from my cock. I picked her up and speared her pussy until she went off like a wild-woman. Finally, she squirted all over my cock, and said, “That’s the best we’ve ever done lover.”

Demonstrate YOUR fucking skills on me.