I Want You To Lust For My Body, As You Watch My Pregnant Belly Grow!

I want you to lust for my body, as you watch my pregnant belly grow! It has been 8 long agonizing months, since that night on the patio, when you impregnated me. I had idea lugging around this baby was going to be so much work, but I love it. I especially love the attention you give me, it seems as if the more my belly grows, the more lustful you become for me and I can’t get enough of that cock!

The way your huge cock preps my tight pussy for labor is not only incredibly erotic, but it’s much appreciated too. I can feel my pussy stretch to the maximum, each and every time you penetrate me. Hmm baby, it feels so good! You release all of my tension, with every thrust. My body aches and longs for you, it’s almost as if my body requires that extra protein your meat stick gives me, to support my body during this pregnancy.

One of my most favorite things is when you cum home from work and find me napping on the couch.

You lift up my tank top and begin to massage my big pregnant belly. The way you big muscular hands stretch across my tummy is exhilarating. Instantly my body reacts to your erotic touch; my legs naturally begin to spread open, my nipples begin to harden and leak ever so lightly and my pussy just contacts, waiting for you to push that cock of yours right in between my lips.

After a few moments of massaging, you then coax my ass up a little, as you begin to pull my yoga pants off and of course I am not wearing any panties. The aroma of my pregnant snatch immediately causes your cock to react to it. Finally, right as I am beginning to fully awaken, you throw my legs over your shoulders and begin to ravage my cunt with your face. Fucking with that deliciously talented tongue of yours, my legs and hips begin to jerk, as my pussy is incredibly sensitive due to my pregnancy and you can feel that I am getting closer and closer to my climax.

Then, all of the sudden without any warning whatsoever my body explodes in a surge of energy and hormones.

My hips quiver, as I blow my load of pussy juice all in your mouth and all over that handsome face. Me cumming is precisely what you’ve been waiting for, as you are eager to satisfy your own cravings and get that pulsating cock deep inside of me. You depend on my sweet, sticky pregnant pussy juice to keep that hard rod of your properly lubricated, as you shove your cock deep within me. The sensation we both felt next, reasons enough for you to impregnate me again, the moment you have the chance to shoot one in me…to find out exactly what caused such an amazing sensation, call me and I’d be glad to tell you all about it, as I rub on my wet pussy! Your fantasy phone sex session begins here!

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