A Kinky Adventure With Teen And A Loyal Caller: Part 2

Loyal caller adventures continued. MY gorgeous new masseuse began to massage the front of my legs. My shins, up to my knees, and quickly to the front of my thighs. Eyes were closed, and my moaning even louder, that’s when she said, “this is what you really want, isn’t it baby?” As she all at once grabbed my cock with a firm grip! Her soft, little hand, still wet with massage oil, felt SO amazing on my dick! I said, “Yes please, Miss Veronica” and she started to stroke my cock. I was so glad to get the happy ending I was looking for.

So I just laid back with my eyes closed as she stroked me. It felt so incredible, she was a PRO! I felt like I was gonna bust IMMEDIATELY. I was just relaxing ready for her to make me CUM when suddenly she stopped for a moment. Just as I was about to open my eyes again, I felt a fucking amazing surprise..! The feeling of her warm, wet mouth coming over my dick! I just exclaimed, “Oh, FUCK YEAH!” My last masseuse never did THIS much for me! She had those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock, letting out a sexy little moan every so often. A few minutes into the best head I’ve probably ever gotten, on the verge of feeling like I was gonna explode again, she stopped!

She looked me in the eyes and asked me, “You want more, don’t you, babe?”

I answered, “Yes, Miss Veronica.. but what is all this gonna cost me?” She said, “Oh, this is on me, hun. I just can’t resist that dick!” She went and grabbed one of her candles, walked back over towards me, and stood over me slightly tilting the candle and giving me a look as if to say, “You like it when it hurts a little?” I just said to her, “Yes, please!” She began dripping tiny drops of the hot wax from the candle on my chest, then my stomach, then she threw the towel off my lap and began dripping wax on my thighs, just barely missing my cock.

It made me nervous, but I trusted her, and it turned me on way too much to stop her. Without even asking, she went to the bag she had brought with her and pulled out a length of rope. I knew then that Veronica was in control… and I liked it!

She came to the head of the table, grabbed my hands and pulled them above my head towards her.

 She bent over, shoving her tits in my face, as she tied my hands to the legs of the table. Then she came back around to the side of the table and said to me, “You’re my toy now.”. Veronica climbed up on the table and straddled me. She sat on my stomach and that’s when I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt as I could feel her already wet pussy on my skin. Veronica moved down, hovering over my cock, lifted her skirt up, and slid down on to my rock hard 9-inch dick! Her pussy felt so amazing! I’ve never had such a happy ending in my life! Downright EXPLOSIVE! Do you love kinky roleplay? Then call me, I will be the perfect addition to your deliciously naughty fantasy! Cum, be a loyal caller and you’ll reap the benefits of having a loyal PSO!

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