Dear Diary: Giving My Fuck Buddy A Taste Of My Panty Puddin

I’ve gone from fantasizing about exploring my sexuality to actually trying a couple of things that would shock my husband if he ever found out about them. I’ve had my first lesbian experience, which reminded me of how good sex can be when there are excitement and lust involved and I’ve been doing phone sex, and I love it. I have avoided meeting the men until now because the thought of it made everything seem too real and I needed a bit more time to get used to the idea of being with a man I wasn’t married to. Yesterday I took things a bit further though and met one of my chat room buddies in person, to give him a taste of my panty puddin.

Andrew has a panty fetish and our conversations revolve around what kind I’m wearing and what I’m doing. He just loves it when I touch myself through them and make the crotch all nasty wet with my pussy juices, making that panty puddin. He kept asking if we could meet and if I could give him a pair of my dirty panties until I finally agreed. I thought that this would be a great way to cross the bridge of meeting someone in person before I took the step of having sex with them. This could prove to me that I can meet other men and not have my husband find out about it.

We arranged to meet at a bar outside of town and I wore a pair of tiny red panties under a short dress.

My husband was busy writing a sermon so I slipped out without him noticing and met Andrew right on time. It was so exciting to finally meet him and he bought me a drink before taking me to a table at the back of the room.

He sat close to me and ran his hand up my dress, stopping on my pussy. “I’m wearing the ones you like,” I told him as he touched me and felt my face get hot from acting like this in public. There were so many people around and they had no idea what we were doing. I got wet as I leaned close to him and tried to casually sip my drink as his fingers stroked me. My panties were starting to stick to my pussy and I whispered in his ear “Come on.” I got up and he followed me to the bathroom where I quickly shut the door behind us. We only had a few minutes before someone came in and I lifted up my dress, showing him my panties.

He looked at them and smiled as I touched myself, sliding a finger over my lips. I pushed it harder against me, rubbing my panties up inside me and smearing my pussy juices all over them, getting them coated with my panty puddin. I went faster, fingering myself as the fabric teased me and made me wetter. Then I kept going until they were all wet and he was breathing hard as he watched me. I slipped my panties off and handed them to him.

He quickly took them from me and held them up to his face, taking a deep breath of my musky smell.

After a minute he moved them away and we made plans to talk the next day. I felt so dirty when I left; I knew he’d be playing with my panty puddin filled dirty panties, as soon as he got home and he’d have them wrapped around his dick while I laid in bed next to my husband. I’d gotten away with it and that makes me want to see what else I can get up to. How about you cum get you a taste of my panty puddin?!?!

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