Sweet dick has ALWAYS been MY thing.  Who would EVER guess it’s also my man’s thing? LOL.  So, let me start where I found out about it, shall we?  Trina is one of my besties from back home in France, but, let’s just say she’s NOT a conventional girl on ANY level!

In the first place, she IS ALL woman.  But, she’s got some other…ahem…attributes that tend to make men go wild with desire! Uniquely, she’s a chick with a DICK.  Not only does she have a dick…she’s also got a sweet little pussy. Yeah.  I said it! She’s a herm and she slings it like nobody’s business!  No man I’ve ever met could resist her charms so, why fight the feeling?

I’ve never denied my men anything that turns them on, so why start now?  She was actually a bit of a test to his ability to stay true to me. Haha.  Good luck to him!  I arranged to CUM home later than normal but, I definitely had a plan for him.  Trina was there to keep him company, just not in any way he might have guessed.

By the time I got home, she’d stripped him of his clothing AND his will!  Reason stands to believe that if a man denies his carnal desires long enough, someone may put him to the test.  Tonight was his test! Giggle. From the looks of things, he loved every second…I meant inch of him buried in his ass but, I’m thinking he also enjoyed that sweet dick in his own bum!

Listen, what the world doesn’t know can’t possibly hurt you, right? So, why not let go and give in?  You’ll be a happier man!

Don’t knock it, til you TRY IT!