Daddy Loves Making His Own Babysitter Sex Stories

Daddy likes to watch as me and the teen girl from next door play games. I guess he just starts thinking about naughty babysitter sex stories. She sometimes babysits me when Mommy and Daddy go out. We have a lot of fun together. Daddy watches us very closely as we play. He really likes to watch as she jumps rope with me. She has little titties that bounce up and down. I don’t have titties yet. One day as we were playing she told me to lay down and she was going to play doctor with me. She pulled my panties down and ran her hands all over my body and across my private girl parts. She told me to be quiet it was a serious game that we had to keep secret.

Then Daddy walked in and caught us. I did not know what to think. Daddy told me to leave the room to go play downstairs. I did not listen. I stood outside the door and peaked in to watch what he did to her. She looked scared and was crying. She kept apologizing for what she did, but daddy was soothing her and rubbing her hair as he did with me sometimes. After a few minutes, he started kissing her. She kissed him back and straddled his lap. I watched as she reached between them and started stroking his privates like she had done mine.

He ripped her shirt off her and I saw her little titties with the hard nipples.

She was rocking herself on his lap. After pulling her pants down Daddy picked her up and put her back on his lap but first, he pulled his pants down around his ankles. He lifted her high and sat her down hard on his huge thingy! I gasped when she screamed out. I thought he was hurting her, but she threw her head back and began to moan. She was liking it! With a sound like an animal, she said she liked it. They rocked together for a few minutes before Daddy let out a loud groan as he thrust really hard one last time.

After that my babysitter quit playing doctor with me but always played with Daddy when Mommy was not home. Every time I watched it too… I noticed my panties would be wet and my breathing would become fast as I watched them. I wanted to play too.

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