There you are, lying in bed wondering just what to do with your beautiful girlfriend. Currently, I’m in the shower, getting ready for the night. That hot water is just streaming over my body. The feeling of the shower makes me so very relaxed, and I can’t help but take longer than I should. With you wanting a lovely girlfriend experience tonight, you start to lose your patience.

You can’t wait any longer! You need your lovely girlfriend experience now!

While I’m rinsing the last bit of soap off my body, I don’t notice as the glass door to the shower is opened. You sneak in behind me, cutting off the flow of water as it now hits your back. The water heats you up even more, and you place your hands on my hips. Your touch causes me to lean back into you and close my eyes. I feel your hard cock press in-between my cheeks as your hand slides up my tummy and to my breasts. Then, you massage them, initiating some hot intimate fun with me.

I look at you over my shoulder, gazing at you with that sexy look in my eyes. My ass sticks out more, and I feel your cock press against me, feeling the shaft slide between my lips.  My moans hit your ears, and you grab my nipples –  tweaking, pinching, and pulling. You know exactly what I like, what makes my pussy so wet. The next thing I know, you grab my hair and bend me over more in the shower. Your cock slides back and forth between my lips until you pull it back enough and slide it in with ease.

My mouth falls open, fingers tense on the shower wall.

Next, I beg you to fuck me. You let your cock slide in all the way and just let it sit there for a moment. “Please, please, don’t tease me like that. Just fuck me, Babe!” With that, you slap my ass and tell me to rub my clit. I do as I’m told, rubbing my clit fast as your cock pounds in and out of me. Thrusting inside and hitting my spot every time. Our hot intimate fun is getting me closer and closer to the edge. When you feel me getting ready to cum, you pick up your pace, leaning forward close to my ear.

Your hot breath matches the steamy water as you command me to cum. Then, I lose control, my pussy aches all over your cock. Just gushing around it, the feel of my muscles constricting over and over, making you groan. Before you cum, you pull your dick out and turn off the shower. Before I know it, you’re picking me up, both of us soaking wet, and taking me into our bedroom. I let out a giggle as you toss me on top of the comforter. This lovely girlfriend experience is driving you absolutely wild!

You’re on top of me, ready to claim me as yours forever!

All of a sudden, I feel you pounce on top of me, with your own wicked smile and look in your eye. You kiss down my body, over my tits, and down to my pussy. Then, I feel your arms slide under my legs, and your hands grab my hips as you pull me close to you, burying your tongue in there. The way your tongue flicks over my clit has my hips bucking up into you. I can’t help it; our sensual lovemaking sex causes me to cum again.

Our hot intimate fun is so sexy, and I love having it in person! Don’t get me wrong, playing with men on my hot phone sex line, is great. But something about having this time with you turns me on. Give me a call soon and let me feel your cock inside of me after you’ve eaten my pussy and made me cum on you.


Mia Kinky Crew