I Loved Having My Mind Blown, By Jerome And His Marine Buddy!

I finally feel mentally capable of telling you about last night, I am still exhausted and let’s just say, My MIND was BLOWN!! Ok, I have a friend named Jerome, well actually he’s a friend with benefits, with a BBC. He’s great in the sack, or anywhere else we choose to have fuck, but that’s pretty much the extent of our little friendship. So, anyway, Jerome called me up, out of the blue yesterday and asks me if I remember talking about having a threesome.

Silly fucker, Of course, I remember. He tells me about an old buddy of his, Mark, who is a Marine….and well if you don’t know how I feel about my soldiers….you HAVE to know that not only do they have my full support, but I think they’re incredibly sexy too…hmmm FUCK!

Jerome tells me that he had lost touch with Mark when he went into the Marines, but he just bumped into him while he was on leave and they started talking about the good ole days…you know the days when they used to share broads. Jerome told him about me, one thing led to another and Jerome said that all of a sudden, they are talking about having a threesome with me! Oh really?!?!

Jerome foolishly ask as to whether or not I had a problem with that? Hahaha, lemme think, HELL NO!!

Jerome is really built and from what I understand, Mark is too! The very first thing that went through my blown mind was how fuckin awesome will it be for me to get manhandled by these two big and juicy fuckers. One is a big black juicy fucker and the other being a Puerto Rican Jarhead! FUCK YES! Jerome told me to meet him at his place at around 4 am, this morning (ok, so it wasn’t exactly last night, I mean I hadn’t been to sleep yet, so it was still last night to me) and that he and Mark would be waiting for me there. I was so excited, I got cleaned up and prettied up and I decided to go all out, I decided that I was going to make the most of this experience. A BBC and A Sexy Marine…FUCK YEAH!

I put on my stockings, a garter belt, stilettos, tiny panties and a push-up bra that made my 32G tits look as if they were going to pop out any minute! I literally had NOTHING else on! Just the items I listed a moment ago…oh that and some really sexy perfume. I put on my long trench coat, grabbed my purse and me out the door I went. I drove over there as fast as the law would allow, I mean I am not desperate by any stretch of the imagination, but I couldn’t wait to get fucked, dominated, pissed on, spat on and MORE. Knowing what Jerome is capable of and could only imagine how Mark would be.

As soon as I got there both of my men weren’t wearing anything, but smiles!

Right away, Jerome helped me out of my coat and into the bedroom. That was all it took. The moment they had me in the bedroom, it was on like donkey kong! Oh my goodness, they couldn’t help themselves, I couldn’t help myself…..we just got right into it…holy shit! That was the beginning of the tag-teaming, the ties came out, the alcohol, the whips and much, much more. They quickly removed what little I was wearing…with their teeth.

We were all over the place and we switched it up so many times. One minute, I had Mark’s big cock in my mouth, while I was on all fours and Jerome was behind me fucking me in my tight wet pussy. At another point, I was sitting on Mark’s handsome face, grinding my pussy down on his mouth, meanwhile, Jerome had managed to slip his well-lubricated cock into Mark’s tight, virgin ass…all while he was being suffocated by my sopping wet cunt.

By the end of the night, these two had their cocks in every hole….not just on me, but each other too!

I still can’t believe their stamina and how long they were able to keep it up…..that’s what happened when you do a line or two, before fucking! Hehehe. Little did I know, after a short break to eat and drink some more….things were about to get hotter! That’s when I heard a knock on the bedroom door………I’ll do more than blow your mind like mine was blown! Call me for free phone sex!