I Love To Sit On Santa’s Lap

I Love To Sit On Santa’s Lap! Its one of my all time fave things to do besides Phone Sex!

I love going out with no panties. Its something that really gets me wet. Something that I love to do is accidentally fall into guys laps and grind on them just enough to get my pussy juice on them…

But the best time I ever had was when I went to an adult Christmas party. I wore no panties of corse. I had on a tight little red dress and some very tall black heels. The party was a a friends house. They even hired a guy to play Santa for the night. He was a really realistic looking Santa too. His beard was even real! I always love Christmas, I feel like I get laid the most this time of year. But, that night, the choice of dick was slim.

I had either fucked them already, or I did not want to fuck them.

I stood across the room from where Santa was sitting. So I wanted to sit on Santa’s lap so bad! I was sucking on a candy cane. I tired to look sexy by leaning against the wall with one leg up on the wall. Know that Santa noticed that I had no panties on. Because his face got bright red and quickly told the person who was sitting on his lap to get off of him. I guess he must of gotten an instant hard on. Well, now that Santa’s lap was free, I wanted to have a seat. Santa’s lap looked nice and warm! 😉

I walked over and sat right down on Santa’s lap. Grinding my ass against the large bulge in his pants. I could feel it growing larger and larger with each grind. Santa had a nice big present for me…and it was in his pants. I sat on his lap and told him all the dirty things I wanted for Christmas. He tried really hard to stay in character. But it was almost impossible for him. I giggled as I slipped his hand between my legs. I wanted to show him how wet I was. He pulled up his hand and his glove was nice and wet.

The rest of the party went into the other room to open gifts and sit by the fire. But I stayed there on Santa’s lap. I started to get extra flirty with him. Eventually I got the nerve to turn around and straddle him face-to-face. By this point he had stopped resisting me. I put my hand into his pants and pulled his dick out. I started rubbing the tip of his dick against my pussy. That made Santa very happy.

“Santa, I have been very naughty this year.” I said. “I hope that I dont get any coal in my stocking.”

At that point he got back into character. “OH OH OH!” He laughed. “Yes you have been a very naughty little girl. But Santa knows a way that you can make up for it.”

“I think I know too Santa.” I said as I started to slip his massive dick into my tight pussy. “Is this what you mean Santa?”

At this point he could not talk anymore and grabbed me by the hips. In the other room everyone was singing Christmas carols. His dick was exactly what I was waning for Christmas. As I rode him I started to get louder and louder. He tried to hush me but his dick just felt so amazing. I let out a loud scream when I started to cum. The other room grew silent.

As I was trying to catch my breath we herd someone in the doorway. It was one of my friends.

“Oh! I did not know they hired that kind of Santa. This party just got way better! I want a turn on Santa’s lap!” She said.

That is how we started a new Christmas tradition. Trust me EVERYONE gets a turn on Santa’s lap. Even the men. 😉 Want the gift of Free Phone Sex?