I Love Me Some Public Masturbation.

I love me some public masturbation and exploit it at every chance! So I was on the subway on my downtown and it was then that I looked over and could have sworn I saw a man masturbating in public. It was actually very discreet, I just happened to notice, because I am a very observant person and glanced at him at the right moment. I can’t say that I was disgusted or even turned off by the situation. Instead, I just watched him as he masturbated and kind of found myself getting aroused as I watched his facial expression change as he reached his climax!

I began to squirm in my seat, as I could feel myself becoming wetter with each stroke I knew he was taking. He would watch and look around to see if anyone had caught on to his act and would continue once he felt he was in the clear. Thankfully I was wearing my sunglasses and he had no clue that while he was being sexually deviant, by masturbating in public, I was being equally deviant, by watching him secretly.

Right when he was finished, I took off my sunglasses, looked right him and waited for us to make eye contact.

Right then I took it upon myself to make it known that I was on to him and gave him a little wink. The look of horror and humiliation on his face was enough for me to bust my woman juices all over my panties right there and then. I loved at that moment, having all the control and power over him. He just there, with his face all red and wouldn’t take his eyes off me. I couldn’t help but smirk and bask in the feeling of knowing how powerful I was in that moment in time. I mean, it’s safe to say that I was engaged in voyeurism and at the time I didn’t even know it, but I certainly LOVED it!

As each mile passed, he grew to be more and more uncomfortable, until I stood up, sat down next to him and whispered, ” Don’t worry, your naughty little secret is safe with me!” He immediately turned towards me and gave a sigh of relief. He told me that he was worried that I was going to out him right then and there. After expressing his feelings about the situation, I reassured him that I had absolutely no intentions of outing him. On the contrary, I was rather intrigued and turned on and told him that I wanted to witness his naughty behavior again.

Shocked by my reaction, my public masturbator was eager to show me other places he had publicly jerked off!

One place, in particular, had me floored and absolutely flabbergasted and frankly I couldn’t believe he hadn’t gotten caught yet, but to my surprise, it hasn’t and it was both VERY, VERY public, it was very risky also……where did we end up? I don’t know, you tell me where it is and exactly what happened. I want you to use your imagination with me and let’s explore voyeurism and discreet public masturbation together!! Let’s have amazing phone sex and masturbate together!

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