Riding That Fuck Pipe Hard And Loving Every Minute Of It

I love a nice stiff fuck pipe, in fact, there are a lot of reasons why I like Nick and his hard fuck pipe. He’s young, he’s cute, he works out a lot. He also has a good paying job and he’s got a dick, or as I like to say a fucking pipe to die for. I couldn’t believe the dick he was packing when I finally got him naked. To make things even better, he had a nice big pair of heavy balls that I knew were full of cum.

I couldn’t wait to get his ass into bed. I took control as soon as we got naked and tonight I was going after what I wanted. First I gave his fuck pipe lots of attention, because I wanted him as hard as he could get. I stroked and licked his fuck pipe until he was throbbing and pre­cum was leaking out of his slit. I lapped it up then straddled him. Then I reached down and held his dick steady, as I lowered myself on him.

He felt so big, as he pushed into me that I could feel my pussy stretching around him.

I made eye contact with him as I started to ride him, his big dick rubbing past my walls until I was soaking wet. I went faster, running my hands over my body and giving him a little show. Then I put my hands on his stomach, bracing myself as I fucked him harder. I could feel his firm stomach under my hands and his muscles tensing up as he got closer to cumming. I rolled my hips forward every time I came down on him, forcing him in as deep as I could get him.

My hair fell in my face and all I could do was moan and groan as I impaled myself on him again and again. I just couldn’t get enough of him! My tits bounced up and down as my pussy throbbed and my clit sent little tingles and spasms through my body. I could feel his hands on my ass, holding me and urging me on as I lost control. Closed my eyes and gave into it, grunting and telling him to pound my pussy as he pushed his hips up.

I came hard and it felt like it lasted forever.

I could hear him as my body tensed up and I fell forward as it ripped through me. After I came, he was still bucking his hips upwards. I started to slowly ride him again, wanting him to finish too. I felt his dick swell on me and I squeezed my pussy muscles around him, working his dick until he pushed his head back into the pillow and groaned. Then I felt a wetness in me as he shot his load in me and I gradually began to slow down. When it had passed I stayed where I was, keeping his dick in me for as long as I could.

I knew I was going to feel empty without him and I was hoping he’d stay hard for me just a bit longer.  If I gave him a good enough reason he would. I straightened up and brushed my hair out of my face, then moaned. “That was so good.” I murmured, as I began to fondle my breasts. He couldn’t take his eyes off me! I touched myself and slowly began to move up and down on him again. He was enchanted and I was going to take advantage of this tasty piece of meat while I could. Do you have a hard throbbing fuck pipe for me to ride? Or how about suck on? Well, you know that I can stop that aching in between your legs, with one simple phone call!

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