What Daddy Could Resist A Naughty Babysitter Like Me?

I was a typical teenager; I loved clothes and makeup, I went after older boys and I worked as a
babysitter, a naughty babysitter that is. I was the best naughty babysitter around and was always booked up which pissed off my girlfriends who picked up one or two babysitting gigs a week if they were lucky. Not only was I the popular babysitter but I also had plenty of cash to spend whenever we went to the mall while they had to watch every penny. They begged to know what my secret was, but I never told them. The only people I’m telling is you. I was smart and knew that I was sexy, men would love to be with a naughty babysitter like me instead of they’re boring, out of shape wives who gave up after popping out a couple of kids.

It also helped that I have a high sex drive and couldn’t get enough sex. The men loved me and they paid me extra if I let them drive me home and gave them a blow job on the way. Sometimes they’d even hire me to while the wife was out with her girlfriends and their kid was over at a friend’s house for a sleepover. My very first Dirty Daddy was Henry and he couldn’t take his eyes off me when we first met.

After my first night babysitting for them, he offered to drive me home and on the way back to my parent’s house he asked if I wanted to make some extra money. Of course, I did and figured out what he meant when he reached over and slid his hand up my leg. I told him I’d work hard for the right price and he pulled off onto a side street.

He took his wallet out of his back pocket and pulled some bills out, putting them on the dashboard.

I eyed the stack of money and leaned over to him, kissing him as I undid his trousers. I slipped my hand in and stroked his dick as I pushed my tongue into his mouth, flicking it around his tongue. He touched me, holding me close while he got harder. I pulled away from him and lifted up my skirt so I could take my panties off then climbed onto his lap. He moved his seat back, giving me more space and I held his dick as I lowered myself on him. He pushed into me and moaned when he felt my tight, wet pussy cover him.

It must have been ages since he had a pussy this good because he leaned back in his seat and held my ass as I started riding him. I put my arms around his shoulders, my breasts pushing into his face as I moved up and down.

Every now and again I’d clench my pussy and added pressure to his dick which he loved. His moans got louder and he breathed on me as he said, “Keep going.” His big, strong hands nudged my ass, forcing me to go faster. He suddenly groaned and squeezed me, filling me with cum. I kept fucking him, bouncing on his dick until I came a minute later. He then took me home and after I counted how much money I’d made that night I started babysitting whenever I could. Just thinking about him and all those other daddy’s I’ve fucked make me want to go do it again. It was so much fun, of course, that was just the beginning and who doesn’t want to get paid for doing something they love? How about I be your naughty babysitter?

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