Who Doesn’t Love A Mutual Masturbation Buddy?!?!

Who doesn’t love a mutual masturbation buddy?!?! Why does it sometimes feel more naughty touching ourselves, instead of someone else? Lol, I felt like such a dirty girl, when I was touching my pussy in front of my date, but when I was jerking him off, I felt excited and desperate for more. Anyways, last night I put quite the show on for Chris and I decided to switch things up a little, with a little mutual masturbation. We were naked and making out in his bed all hot and heavy when I moved away from him. I sat in front of him and parted my legs, showing him my soaking wet pussy.

I leaned back on one hand and slid my other hand over my pussy. Then I rubbed my outer lips and moaned, telling him how horny I was and how I just had to cum. He kept his eyes on me, as his dick throbbed in the air and I looked at it. “Mmmm, touch yourself for me,” I told him and slipped a finger deep into my pussy.

I felt so wet and warm, as I slowly moved my finger in and you, while Chris put his hand over his dick.

He began jerking off and I fingered myself faster, as my juices covered my finger. “Slower! Tease yourself and jerk off only the top of your head.” I said to him, knowing that it would drive him crazy, not to touch all of his shaft. “Yeah just like that. Rub your thumb over your slit and spread out that precum.” His thighs twitched, as he touched himself and he groaned. “Good boy.” I murmured and I continued to watch him. I was aching really bad and just needed to have more in me, so I slid in a second finger and that was much better.

“Play with your balls,” I said and he put his other hand under them, cupping them as pre-cum slid down his head. He was breathing faster and I asked him if he liked it when I touched myself for him. He nodded and licked his lips. “Touch your tits,” he said and I smiled as I shifted, bringing one hand up. “Like this?” I asked teasingly, as a finger slid over my hard little nipple. He moaned and told me to pinch it.

I know he has a thing for pain, so I squeezed my nipple tightly between my finger and thumb until it hurt and made me whimper.

“Oh, it feels so good,” I said as a little thrum of pain went through me and my pussy throbbed around my fingers. I opened my fingers and began gently squeezing my breast in with my thrusts. “Put your hand around your shaft and jerk off harder,” I told him because I was going to lose control any second and I wanted him to cum just after me. I slid my fingers up to my clit and rubbed a finger over it, teasing that sensitive little bump until I told him I was close. I went back and forth between rubbing my clit and fucking my fingers, enjoying both sensations too much.

Then I pumped my fingers faster, ramming them in deep as he told me not to stop. My hips rocked forward and I felt myself start to tighten. “Oh!” I cried out as my fingers pressed down on my clit and I came hard. It was so good and I could feel his eyes on me as my pussy gushed all over his sheets. When I was done cumming, I kept my fingers in me while I watched Chris. “Cum for me!” I said, moaning as juices continued to leak out of me. His hand worked his dick while I played with my sensitive, tingling pussy and I knew he was moments away from spewing his wad all over the place!

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