I Love My Men Pretty And Sissified, No Exceptions

I love my men pretty and sissified, no exceptions. Men love panties; some like to wear them, some like to sniff dirty ones and some love everything about them. Tom is one of those guys who loves a pair of dirty panties, but the thought of dressing up like a sissy bitch is what really gets him going. I love when he dresses up for me and then I can show him off, especially to my friends.

So I told Tom to come over and had him strip naked, while I pulled together a few things for him to wear, instead of his boring old t-shirt and jeans. I gave him a red lacy bra and stuffed it until he had bigger titties than me and then I busted out the makeup. I gave him a sexy smoky eye look and a sultry red lip; if you ask me he looked like the perfect sissy. 

As I’ve stated before, pretty and sissified is how I love my men and Tom was such a willing participant!

“Don’t you look pretty?” I said as he stood there looking so cute and truly pathetic. “Now, we need to dress you in something slutty, real slutty.”  I went to give him a tight dress, then stopped and dropped it on the bed, “Oops, I nearly forgot your panties.” I said. I then undid my jeans, stepped out of my panties, took them off and handed them to him. When I gave them to him, he looked at me with a satisfied gaze and smiled. “I’ll let you have a little sniff before you put them on,”

I told him and he held the ass area over his nose first and took a deep breath, breathing in my earthy scent, before sliding up to the slightly damp pussy area. He then slipped on my dirty panties and they stretched across his growing dick. He was about to put on his dress when I stopped him and told him how much I love sissies like him. 

My girlfriends were coming over for a pajama party and he was going to join us, all pretty and sissified. The thought of being seen like this in front of other people scared the hell out of him, but he had no choice because I had made my mind up. Kelly and Liz showed up an hour later and I took them to my bedroom so they could see Tom. He stood in the middle of the room, face bright red as he looked at the floor. They laughed and called him all sorts of cute names as they touched him, snapping his bra straps. “Ooh, where did you get the panties from?” Kelly asked and I told her he was wearing my dirty ones.

She smirked at that and said that if he liked dirty panties so much then she’d really make his day. 

She reached under her skirt and bent over, slipping her own pair off. “I’ve been wearing them all day, they’re really sweaty and gross.” She handed them to him and told him to take a big sniff, as he held them up to his face. He breathed in her scent and the humiliation only made him more excited. “Aw, I think he likes them!” Kelly said teasingly, as she squeezed his dick through my panties. He groaned at the touch and Liz asked which ones he liked more; mine or Kelly’s. He seemed scared to answer and didn’t want to upset either of us, so I decided to give him a break.

Tom could keep it a secret and keep playing with us if he jerked off for us now. He had to keep my panties on and slip his dick out so he could use Kelly’s panties to do it with. We had so much fun with him that night, I think we’ve got ourselves a new girlfriend to play with when we’re bored and want a good laugh! Missing the part where we let Tom cum? Call me and I will tell you exactly how we humiliated Tommy boy!

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