“When I think about you I touch myself”

Let’s masturbate together.

I love to masturbate all the time, several times a day. Just can’t help it! I talk to all you dirty boys all day long, getting all worked up and it’s all I can do to keep my fingers out of my pussy. I know you call me to get off but baby I get off too.

laying naked in bed, waiting for you to call. I light candles, warm up some vanilla oil to rub all over myself, turn down the lights and turn on some sexy music. I have satin sheets and they are cool against my skin as I lay back. Then I stack pillows underneath my head and shoulders and my pussy starts to tingle thinking about what I’m going to do.

The music is soft in the background and I pour some oil into my hands and rub them together. I start with my neck, softly rubbing in the oil, moving over my collarbones, down my chest barely brushing my nipples. Teasing myself. The sweet vanilla oil smells so good it makes my mouth water, makes me crave your sweet lips against mine. I move back up and softly move over each arm, my entire body is energized, sensitive, and everywhere I touch sends shivers straight to my sweet spot. I crave your touch.

Imagine you there with me, wrapped up in the music, the candles.

I imagine you wrapped up in my naked body. I move my hands back over my breasts, pausing over my nipples. Then I rub them over and over with the palms of my hands, oil spilling over them, warm and wet like your mouth. Then I moan and my hips start to move. My pussy is aching, dripping, waiting. Waiting for you baby. You always give me just what I need.

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