Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore married men. I think being the other woman in a hubby’s life is the cat’s meow. I get to have all the fun I want with him and none of the work. He can unleash his wild kinky side with me, I drain that cock as many times as he can handle then send his used limp dick home to the lil wife, who has been home being the babysitter and maid. I think my lust for married men stems from my first, Chris.

Chris was my boss when I was sixteen. He was the manager at the place I worked after school and on weekends. He was in his early 20’s, married his high school sweetheart after he knocked her up. He worked to support the wife and kiddies, was doing everything a man was supposed to do. Yet, he was so miserable and disgusted with the young mundane life, there was no spark in it for him. I waltzed in with my huge smile, bright eyes, perky lil tits, tight ass and awoke something in him. I will never forget the innocent flirting that developed in to heavy petting in the stock room until he finally started living a little and began fucking the shit out of me everyday before going home to the wifey. I did things he never could ask her for and let him do things to my tight sinful teen body she would never allow, he found a spark and she was happy because he always came home with a smile.

I fell every man should have some spark in their life and live a little, especially the dutiful husbands! I would love to be your other woman and give you a lil lust in your life.

Sinful Vixen


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