Love making is not the same as fucking and that’s a fact.

Love making happens when there is an emotional connection involved. Of course, I love fucking and getting fucked, but it isn’t the same as sweet love making. Sometimes I crave that deeper merging of the heart and mind as well as the merging of our bodies.

Lately, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who I am quite enamored with. I’m happy to say the feelings are mutual. Sure, we get down and dirty and fuck each other brains out regularly, but that’s to be expected. At the risk of sounding conceited, we’re both good looking people and we’re really attracted to each other.

This morning after our daily run and exercises we came back to my place to shower off and change clothes. The heat was intense around 9 A.M. and I practically ran into the cold water of my shower the minute we got home. Peeling my sweaty, tight running capri pants and my drenched sports bra off, I wasted no time in jumping under that deliciously refreshing spray.

My man climbed in right after me, joining me under the icy deluge. I love taking a shower with a lover. Everything about it is sensual: washing each others hair, soaping each other’s bodies up and rinsing off together. It’s lovely and erotic. I find it deeply arousing.

After we dried each other off, we moved things to my bed. My man gives the best massages and today no exception. I layed on my back, while he started at my toes and worked his way up my legs. Love to have my thighs caressed and kneaded, especially after a hard workout.

I was in ectasy by the time he reached my hips and belly.

He knows I’m very ticklish, so while rubbing and massaging my sides and stomach he used a firm touch which felt excellent. Making his way up to my breasts he teased and rubbed them for several minutes before moving up to my shoulders and neck. By the time he began to massage my temples I was melting into a puddle on my sheets.

I was enjoying the massage so much I barely even noticed that he passed my over my eager pussy without even a whispering caress. He soon gave it his full attention and ate my pussy out so expertly I came within minutes. My juices gushing out of me, soaking my mattress. Now that my pussy was good and warmed up, he slide his dick right on in and rocked my world.

With deep, measured strokes he fucked me until I came again. Love making is such a delicious, satisfying experience with the right partner.

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