I Love Knowing He’s Jerking Off at Work for ME!

I talked to one of my HOTTEST clients today… while he was jerking off for me at his workplace! There are no words to describe how much I LOVE phone fucking this guy! Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I know he’s at work… I know I shouldn’t. Know I’m being a naughty phone whore! I just HAVE to tease him! I start with sending him candid pictures of me, completely dressed. Then I unveil those big, perfect, natural tits about 30 minutes later. I jump on my IM’s and wait for his eager and lustful response to what I’m doing. When I get it? I tease him even MORE! Letting him know that I’m playing with this hot little pussy while I think about him and look at the pictures I have of HIM – jerking off his cock, just for yours truly!

Today, he was working some extra hours. I knew there was an office full of people. I didn’t care. Was SO fucking horny for this hot phone fucker of mine that I just. didn’t. care.! I wanted him. Not later, when he got home and would be alone. But now. RIGHT now. Oh fuck… who am I kidding? We ALL know that I wanted him even MORE because he WAS at work and there was the risk of him getting caught! (I’m a twisted little slut that way!!)

Soon enough my sexy phone love was in the bathroom. BUT. I wouldn’t allow him to cum in the bathroom stall like usual.

I told him if he wanted to jerk that cock until he shot his cum  today – he needed to stand out in the open, right in front of a urinal, and stroke that big, hard, throbbing cock until he shot his cum all over it! He doesn’t WANT to get caught? But still yet, this idea sent him straight over the edge! He stumbled out of the stall with that big fat cock in hand. It was already aching from the extended teasing that came earlier, and the 10 minutes of stroking in the stall. Next thing I know, he’s started jerking off like a fucking MAD MAN!

I’ve NEVER heard him moan so loud! At ANY moment, someone could have walked into the bathroom and saw him! Cock out, getting tugged HARD as he held onto the urinal, nearly humping it in his excitement, moaning and calling out MY name as he shot that HUGE load of cum all over the urinal and the wall!

He DIDN’T get caught though, so… all’s well that ends well for my horny little exhibitionist!
I will be teasing him for MONTHS with thoughts of his public masturbation experience!
I know you’re just as dirty as I am and I know you want to do the same thing for me!


The Best Phone Sex!