I Love To Humiliate And Leave The Boys Begging For More!

Normally, it can be so awkward running into your ex-boyfriend, especially when you’re still single. He always thinks he’s done a better job of moving on, but really you’re only single because you’re having fun fucking all the guys you couldn’t, when you were in a relationship with him. I’ve been having fun going to clubs and one of my friend’s invited me to a swingers party, where I ran into my ex as it were. Luke started hitting on me and I couldn’t believe he thought I’d waste any more time on him. God, he’s such a loser! I almost felt bad for him, almost! Knew that this was going to be the BEST opportunity to humiliate him!

I played along though and flirted with him, getting him all worked up until he thought he had another chance with me. Then I gave him the brush off and started giving a hot guy some attention. Luke got all manly and made it clear he was with me, so poor Tom thought it was going to end in a threesome. That wasn’t going to happen and I got more flirtatious, kissing Tom and rubbing his hardening dick.

I noticed quite a few people watching Tom and me, so I said loudly to him “I want you to fuck me so bad, my ex-boyfriend over there is so bad in bed and I never came once, while we were together.” I pointed at Luke and saw a couple of people look in his direction and smirking. Luke just looked embarrassed and pissed off. Oopsy daisy! I mean, if Luke was going to be dumb enough to think that we were going to fuck again, then he can be dumb enough to experience my wrath.

I was going to humiliate him in ways, he never thought possible.

Tom grabbed my arm and I thought he’d take me somewhere more comfortable, but instead, he just shoved me against the wall and turned me around so that I was facing it. I braced my hands on it and leaned forward, sticking my ass out as he pushed up my dress. People were watching us as he tugged down my panties and I felt so dirty, as he took me right there. His dick slid into me, parting my lips and filling me as he went in deeper. I pushed my ass back, impaling myself on him and groaned. “Oh, you’re so big, so much bigger than Luke over there!” I said and swallowed hard as he started fucking me.

He really was bigger than Luke and it felt so good as his dick rubbed my pussy walls, teasing them and making me beg for more. The palms of my hands slid on the wall, as Tom got rougher with me and I just let him do what he wanted. It was easier to give in to him and he yanked on my hips as he grunted and swore behind me. I was just as satisfied with the opportunity to humiliate Luke, as I was getting fucked by a real dick.

My pussy gushed and I cried out as his dick pounded me.

My body shook and my pussy tightened on him as my clit throbbed. I let out a sharp cry as I came and couldn’t breathe for a second. I barely noticed when Tom came and his body leaned heavily on my back. Tom moved away from me and I felt so wet and messy as cum and pussy juices leaked down me. I turned around and saw that more people had come to watch the show. They seemed to love it, even Luke was hard and touching himself. Good, I wanted him to go home with blue balls. “So have you gotten rid of your crabs yet?” I asked him loudly enough for everyone to hear then I started talking to another very cute guy, who was interested in some late night creampie!

How can I humiliate you? Do you have a small penis? Are you just simply inadequate? Tell me and I will gladly humiliate you…..it gets me off!

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