I Love It When You Fuck Me In Front Of The Mirror!

I’m undressing after a day out and I’m standing in front of the mirror. I unbutton my blouse and I see you come in. You’re standing there still looking at me, and you drop everything in your hand. You always greet me the right way, a kiss on the neck with a tiny nibble. I still have my skirt on, and my heels….and you don’t like that.

You immediately bend me over and feel that tight little ass that belongs to you! Mmmm hello Daddy…this is who I’ve been waiting to see. I spread my legs wide for you, I need you to feel that wetness you created. Silky and thin panties…they don’t last long in your hands. I feel them ripped from me, my skirt still on just pulled up to my stomach. I fucking need this and I need it now! But you know that…and that’s why you take your time unbuckling your belt, one buckle at a time.

I think to myself that I could’ve cum twice already but waiting in anticipation for you is worth it completely.

You run your hand down my back and I’m looking at you in the reflection of the floor-length mirror, dripping all over your hand. I feel your finger sliding up and down my opening but it goes right into my ass, two at that! The massage I’ve never felt form you before leaves me biting my lip, licking my lips, panting before I even have your cock.

Mmmm speaking of, FUCK! I feel your giant mushroom head rubbing in between my ass cheeks down to the lake in my pussy. You effortlessly give me your entire length and lean down biting my ear and groaning. I feel your teeth down the back of my neck and you fuck me like you hate me! And I fucking love it! Looking back at you is the sexiest thing I could’ve ever imagined. My head is turn for only a second and you grab me by my cheeks with one hand and make me face front. Yes, Sir! I see the rules here and I’m going to be your good slut and follow them. I push back onto you and that grin that swells my clit comes across your face.

I’m the loudest I’ve ever been, I love it when you choke me with both hands. You handle that while I grab your hips and push deeper and deeper.

“We’re doing something a little different tonight” you say gritting your teeth. I don’t care what it is as long as I get to cum all over your cock. That first squirt of pre-cum hits my tight walls and I want nothing more than to grind on you and let you fill me with your hot, sticky, mother fucking delicious cum but you push me off, still holding me by my hair. What the fuck is going on? And as soon as I pass that thought you’re cumming all over the mirror. Huge squirts, thick and full dripping down the glass and I’m more intrigued than ever.

“Now lick it off. Look at yourself being made into a dirty little cum slut.”

Yes, Daddy.

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