Dear Diary: I Feel So Sexy & Feminine In My Silky Stockings

I feel so damn sexy in my heels and silky stocking and frankly, I had no idea the effect silky stockings could also have on men. That is until I met Max at a bar the other night. He kept staring at me and I thought it was because he found me attractive, so I flirted back, giving him a sexy little smile. He didn’t react though and that’s when I realized he was staring at my legs.

I leaned back in my chair and stretched a leg out before crossing my legs, showing them off. He licked his lips, before coming over to me. He bought me a drink and after a bit of small talk, we went back to his place. We went to his bedroom and got undressed. I ran a hand over my stocking covered legs as I asked him if he wanted me to keep them on. “You really like them, don’t you?” I asked and sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back on my hands. He nodded and I said, “Why don’t you show me just how much you like them?”

He blushed and knelt at my feet, holding one of them in his hand. His fingers slowly rubbed across my ankle then went higher, making his way up my leg. My silky stockings slipped over my skin and I shivered at the sensual touch. Max’s fingers moved on me, caressing my leg before moving on to the other.

He rubbed the stocking under his fingertips like he couldn’t get enough of it and his eyes never left my leg.

I let him enjoy it for a few minutes, then took my foot away from him, holding it up to his face. He smiled and held it up to his nose, breathing in my scent before he brought my foot down. He held it with both hands and began massaging it, his fingers pressing into me at just the right pressure. I groaned and felt my body relax as he gently put my foot down and picked up the other one. He stroked it and rubbed it before massaging it, taking his time to touch every part of it.

I put my stocking covered feet in his lap and rubbed it against his balls, kneading my toes into them. His dick twitched and he stroked my foot with his finger as I slid it slowly up his dick. His mouth hung open as he looked down at me and I put my feet around his dick and stroked him a couple of times to drive him crazy. He gasped and pushed his hips up and down quickly, trying to get more the feeling. I wiggled my toes on him, rubbing my big one just under his head. I then gave him another few strokes until he suddenly froze.

Watched as he came all over my feet, ropes of it landing on me as he groaned and closed his eyes. I kept my feet firmly around him, giving his dick little jerks until he was finished then slid my feet off him. I couldn’t believe I had made a guy cum so quickly just by touching him with my feet.

He had been so turned on by them and knowing that I could do that to him made me feel so sexy.

I’ve already got another date planned with him and this time I’m going to take things a lot slower. I’m going to see if I can keep him on edge all night using nothing but a silky pair of stockings and my nimble little toes. Do you have a fetish for feet and, or silky stockings darling? Let me fulfill your needs in any way you can imagine!

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