I love to eat cum for you baby. Let me have it

I crave your cum. I need it. Love to eat cum for you! Every last fucking drop. I’m a good little cum slut. I’ll eat your cum, your friend’s cum, you can save it for me every time you masturbate and watch me guzzle it like a good girl. Mmm mm good;).

Call me over after you’ve been saving up for me. I’ll show up thirsty and begging! I’m naked under my coat which I slide right off as soon as I walk in. I’m wearing a sexy pair of heels and my hair is gathered up in a ponytail perfect for you to manipulate my head while my mouth is around your cock.

You’re in nothing but your boxers. I can see as soon as I drop my coat that you’re getting hard for me already. I grab it, anxious to feel you inside my mouth and you groan, pulling me over to the couch.

Then I reach into the waistband of your boxers and start to pull them down. Bending over as I pull them further down, teasing you with my lips. You sit down on the couch and pull me down on my knees in front of you. You pinch my nipples and reach up pulling my ponytail hard. I like it when you’re rough with me;).

You grab your cock and trace my lips with it. A drop of precum drizzles out and I immediately snake out my tongue and lap it up. Licking every part of the head to make sure I don’t miss any. Mmm you taste so good. You grin down at me and I look into your eyes as I slowly push your hard cock into my sweet mouth.

Wrapping my lips around you nice and tight I start to bob up and down. You push into the back of my throat over and over again. Gagging me, you start fucking my mouth mercilessly. I know you’re about to explode. I can’t wait to eat cum for you. All of it. Every drop. Explode for me, baby.

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