Whether you want to wear them or sniff them (or both), one thing is for sure: you love my dirty panties!

There’s something about panties — especially my panties. What turns you on about them so much? Do you long to sniff them? Do you dream of stealing them and feeling that satin-y perfection for yourself? Either way, you’re obsessed.

Which styles turn you on the most? I feel extra sexy when I’m wearing my favorite black lace thong. They’re extra high-waisted and fit my gorgeous curves perfectly. I bought the matching bra, of course. How could I resist that elegant floral pattern and sheer black lace combination?

I love hearing from panty sniffers whose perverted obsession compels them to steal their girlfriend’s or wife’s sexy underwear. Sometimes those stolen panties came from somewhere else, somewhere even more taboo. Do you have a secret panty collection? I want to hear all your dirty panty secrets.

You love licking them clean — whether they’re filled with only my sweet pussy juice or whether they’re extra filthy. Maybe you can cum clean out my dirty cunt AND my dirty panties after I’m freshly fucked? You know you want to.

Not satisfied by licking and sniffing? Maybe you want to try them on. Do you really think I didn’t notice that my panty drawer had been rifled through? We both know what you were doing in there. Now it’s time for you to show me.

Am I going to have to force you to put on a fashion show? Or will you slide them on for me eagerly, begging to try on my stockings and negligee too?

I’d love to send you a pair of my dirty panties after our no taboos phone sex call. For the next week, I’ll send you a complimentary pair when you set up a 30 minute call with me. Just mention the special promo “Panties” anytime before October 2nd!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke