So, I was a very bad girl this week and Daddy decided that he was going to punish me. I came home for the weekend to visit and Daddy  overheard me telling my girlfriend how I had a threesome the weekend prior. Apparently, he decided that no daughter of his was going to behave that way and I needed to understand that he was the only one I was to fuck. Despite my age, our sexual relationship has been an ongoing thing for us for years. I guess he’s just not ready to let me go!! **giggle**

Our sexual relationship started back when I was 14. Mom was out of town on business, so he said, **wink** and Daddy was feeling a little frisky and decided to “test the waters”, that is what he called it. He snuck into my bedroom one night after I had fallen asleep while watching a movie. He began running his fingers up and down my thighs, careful not to miss an inch of me. Slowly making his way to my tight, virgin pussy, I woke up and realized Daddy was touching me. At first I was startled but then I realized that Daddy always made things better. As his hand reached my panties, he grabbed them and began to pull them down. Pulling one leg out at a time, my tight, virgin pussy was completely exposed to him. Unsure of what was about to happen, he moved his hand closer to my lips, inch by inch, wanting to be the first to slide his fingers inside of me. Spreading my legs apart, he slowly moved his face closer to me. Letting me know that it would be ok, he began to lick my lips and nibble on my clit. He then explained to me what Daddy was going to do to make things better for the both of us. At first I was nervous, until he calmed me down. His fingers sliding in and out of me several times, I cannot remember exactly how many. I do remember Daddy pulling his pants down and stroking his cock while he fingered me. He had me kiss his cock with my lips, tickle his balls with my tongue. Standing over me while he fingered me, he continued to stroke his cock until he came all over my face. He said that is what Daddy’s do for their daughters.


Now, here we are several years later and Daddy still loves “taking care” of me. Once I was off the phone, he came into the bedroom and let me know that he had heard everything I was telling my girlfriend and that my behavior was unacceptable. Daddy needed to punish his  girl and I needed to understand that Daddy was the only one who was allowed to play with my pussy.

He unbuttoned his pants as I sat on the chair. Standing in front of me, he allowed his pants to fall to the floor. Only with his boxers separating me from his hard cock, he grabbed my hand and began to have me rub it. After a few minutes, he reached down and pulled me up, making sure that one hand stayed on his cock. Once I was standing in front of him, he began unbuttoning my shirt and removing it, allowing it to fall onto the chair. Rubbing his hands over my tits, I continued to rub his cock. Grabbing his boxers, I slid them down, now exposing his cock to me. I know Daddy loves me to suck on his cock, so I got down on my knees and took it into my mouth. I began to lick and suck all over the head of it. Daddy grabs the back of my head and begins to thrust his cock deeper inside of my mouth. He says this is my punishment, a reminder of what belongs to him.

Daddy grabs my arm and leads me over to the bed. Bending me over the edge of it and he begins tickling my pussy with the head of his cock. Making his way to my clit, he grabs my hair and whispers in my ear “This is my pussy. You will not allow anyone else to FUCK what is mine!!” I agree with Daddy, I will never allow him to NOT fuck my pussy. He slides that cock of his into my dripping wet pussy and begins to pound away. He grabs my hips and starts to thrust harder and harder. I can feel his body slamming against mine as he fucks me. My pussy juices are all over his cock as he slides in and out of me. He continues to fuck “his” pussy while leaning forward and placing his hands over my shoulders so he can ram my pussy even harder. I LOVE the idea of Daddy’s cock inside of me. **wink** It makes my pussy so happy. I will do ANYTHING to please Daddy… no matter what that means.

He pulls his hard cock out of me and turns me over onto my back. Grabbing my legs to pull me closer to him, my legs rest on his shoulders, his hands wrapped around my thighs, he slides that hard cock of his back into me and fucks my pussy harder and deeper than ever. With every thrust of his hips, I can feel his balls slam against my tight little asshole as he rams his cock deeper into my wet pussy. As he grinds that cock into me, I tighten my pussy around him, only to drive Daddy crazy. I know he loves when I tighten myself around him while he is fucking me. Harder and harder, faster and faster he drives that cock deep inside of me. I can feel myself getting excited and wanting to cum all over Daddy’s cock. Daddy’s moaning gets louder and he is beginning to get VERY excited. I tell Daddy I want him to cum deep inside of me. I tickle my clit with my hand while he fucks me and I cum all over him. All over my Daddy’s cock! **giggle** I feel Daddy getting ready to cum… “Oh yes, Daddy!! Please cum inside of me!!” Harder and harder he thrusts until that moment that he explodes deep inside of me…. **I LOVE BEING DADDY’S GIRL!!** I may never grow out of being   his “Little Girl”!! **wink, wink**