You Love Cum Eating, You Just Don’t Know it Yet!

How do you know you’re not into cum eating if you haven’t tried it yet?  I hear guys say all the time how they want a girl who swallows. Well guess what, some girls like a guy who swallows first!  I just so happen to be one of those girls.  Love making guys taste their own cum, and for the most part, they actually like it.  I mean who wouldn’t, right?  I even give them some pointer to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible.  I’m such a giver.

One of my top tips for a guy who is new and curious about cum eating is to make sure your cum is going to taste good.  Don’t go wild with fried, greasy foods.  Eat some pineapple and veggies and make that man juice sweet.  Drink lots of water as well to ensure yourself a nice big load.  I don’t just want you cum eating, I want you cum guzzling!

Another pretty obvious, yet necessary tip is to make sure you are comfortable and ready.  Its pretty intimidating to a first time cum eater to just swallow a hand full of his own load.  I know a lot of guys think it makes them feel gay, but that’s just silly.  Do you kiss your girl after she sucks your cock?

Then you already know what your cock and, hopefully, your cum tastes like.  Don’t be shy.

Finally, don’t get caught in the moment too much.  I have guys that are so ready to gobble that load, they get themselves so excited, that when the time come they shoot their load so hard they barely catch any at all….  This is extremely counterproductive.  Its not going to be that easy to work up another protein shot.  Make sure you are ready to catch your delicious treat.  Get a cup if you have to.

I can’t wait to show you the fun and excitement that goes into cum eating.  Let’s try something new together!

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