I was at the low end of 16 and just pent up with being the only one who still hadn’t lost her v card. I was beyond ready to get it over with, and walk to halls as a pronounced “Big Girl”.  I was dating a guy in school a year older then me and my father was oblivious enough to let me go to said guys house to “hang out”. We had talked for a few weeks about doing the deed and I was persistent that he should buy condoms. He ended up stealing the condoms…

I remember putting the song Aquarius Transmission on by Incubus and saying “Yeah, lets fuckin’ do this thing” I was ready to lose my virginity! He laid down so I could feel in control. Zero foreplay or kissing haha. I tried just sitting down on his cock. I was pushing really hard and it hurt allot. He kept pushing his hips up and trying to break into me. I was getting frustrated because he wouldn’t lay still. I held him by the throat and glared into his face to say “Stop moving!”  He choked out it might help if I rock back and forth on his cock. I was wet but didn’t wet his whole cock. By moving back and forth it helped wet his dick.

I felt the head of his cock finally pop in slightly. It was so tight and the pain was near. With a quick push downward I was impaled on his thick long cock. For a 17 year old boy he was quite the impressive form. The pain was searing, I  bit hard into his shoulder so his mother wouldn’t hear me scream out. I remember loving that feeling at that very moment. I fucked that boy so hard his bed moved over 3 feet from the wall. I couldn’t seem to get enough of that pain. My virginal blood covered my inner thighs and his groin.  I watched his face in slow motion. His eyes were closed, not tight but closed. His mouth hanging open and he was ever so slowly rocking his head side to side.

I can’t say for sure what made me always remember the look on his face, perhaps it was seeing the power pussy had over males…who knows? It marked the day that I realized I wanted to fuck more. Feel more of that very first time. I want to keep reliving that day and feeling. Thanks to some of you gentleman I have been able to!

Call me and find out how I turned into a complete cock hungry slut months later!



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