When I was but a tight young teen, I was desperately worried about losing my virginity!

Not only was obsessed with losing it, I was completely obsessed with losing my virginity to our preacher’s son! He was SO hot! And such a bad boy! You know what they say about preacher’s kids – and it’s totally true! He did everything he wasn’t supposed to do. He smoked behind the church during Sunday morning sermons, he had older friends whose even older brothers would buy him beer! And he was always getting caught making out with the bad girls after school, behind the bleachers at the football field!

I thought about losing my virginity to him constantly. Dreamed about him taking my virginity! I was overpowered by my hormones, I had to lose it, and I had to lose it to HIM! I’d seen him looking at me. I knew he was interested! But there was one problem – he was 18 and I was only 14! He wanted that forbidden fruit, but was afraid to taste it! I was a smart little slut; I knew the fact that he SHOULDN’T fuck me only made him WANT to fuck me even more!

One Sunday, I was sitting in chuch, next to my parents, listening to the boring sermon. I saw the preacher’s son slip out the side door, and I knew this was my chance – I had to follow him!

I muttered “bathroom” to my mother when she asked where I was going, and hurried out the side door on his trail. Found him in one of the downstairs classrooms, looking bored out of his skull. His eyes lit up when I walked in… and shut the door behind me. He looked me up and down, appreciating the way my big, perky tits were squeezed together in my Sunday dress and how hard and tone my calves stood out beneath the hem of my dress. I looked at him knowingly, curling a lock of shiny dark hair around my finger idly as I waited for him to make his move.

He whispered softly, “You know you’re too young for me”.  I nodded my head – then pulled down the straps of my sun dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing my simple white bra and panties – cotton, but trimmed in pink lace.

… his mouth dropped open visibly, and I knew then – I had him. It was going to happen! I was losing my virginity to the preacher’s son! Right here in the basement of the fucking CHURCH no less!

He turned out to be one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. And had again.  And AGAIN. Well, you get the idea! 🙂

I’ll tell you all my dirty little secrets about fucking the preacher’s son
after he popped this dirty little lolita’s cherry!

Teen Phone Sex!