Losers are My Entertainment

I’m pretty sure everyone hit up a barbecue or some kind of outdoor function this holiday weekend.  I just so happen to stumble into a sea of fucking losers.  My brother invited me to party with him a few friends.  The usual hot friends where there, so, of course, I dressed to kill.  What I didn’t know was they were inviting their perverted nerdy brothers too.  They stuck out like a sore thumb.

As soon as I walked into the yard, my tits ready to bounce out of my bikini top and short shorts cut up to my ass, I had everyone’s attention.  As I looked to the back of the party, there they were.  The guys who shamelessly stare, too inexperienced to talk to a girl, but perverted enough to make her uncomfortable.  Luckily, I am not one of those girls who is easily made uncomfortable.  I decided to have some fun and show these dorks what tease and denial and a little public humiliation we all about.

I walked over and introduced myself, giving them tight hugs that pressed my tits against them.  Their faces turned bright red, cocks grew hard, and the awkward babbling and stuttering started.   I asked one of the guys to go get me a hot dog, and let’s just say trying to hide a massive erection in swim trunks is no easy task.  I laughed so hard but not as hard as I did watch these losers watch me eat the hot dog.

  So fucking pathetic!

I already had plans to pick up one of my old fuck buddies before heading home and he was watching the whole time.  I’m sure these sorry fucks were the talk of the party as the hot girl made them squirm.  Just as fast as I had come, I hopped off the table and left with my sexy boy toy.  I didn’t look back, but I’m sure they will be crying tears onto their hard cocks to jerk off with later.  Pathetic losers are my favorite toys!

Mommy Phone Sex!