Guys like you are made for orgasm denial!

That’s right, I said it you deserve orgasm denial. Look at yourself and then look at me. Do you honestly think that I’m going to let you get off? No way! I’m a total bratty teen tease and I’m not afraid to admit it. I see you peeking in my window at night. Do you really think that you’re slick? You’re so loud out there, moaning and jerking while you try to catch a peek at me. How fucking pathetic can you get? You’re lucky I haven’t called the cops on you or told my parents what you’ve been doing out there.

Don’t think that means you’re off the hook though. You’re going to pay for being such a peeping pervert. Climb inside quick before I scream for my parents. If I have you arrested, the men in jail will eat you up! I’m sure you don’t want that now do you? I didn’t think so. It’s time for a little or a whole lot of orgasm denial punishment. My early morning stretches near your front window are intentional. You just can’t get enough of my creamy young skin and my tight round ass can you?

Now you get an up close and personal view of my young teen perfection. Watch my perky little tits bounce as I bend over and wriggle my ass. Pull that dick out and stroke it like the little jerk off puppet that you are. Don’t you dare cum though. I’m going to leave you with a major case of blue balls. I want to hear you beg for it. Beg for just a touch of my silky smooth skin, just a taste of my sweet perfection.

How much are you going to pay me to strip down for you?

Time to open up that wallet and show me how badly you want it. I’ll put on some music and do a slow little striptease. You’re going to get your own private lap dance. I’m only going to strip down to my lace bra and panties though. If I strip down all the way you might just cum all over yourself and I definitely don’t want to see that. Yuck! There won’t be any cumming tonight. Not for you anyway! You can drool and throb though while I slowly slip my top off over my head and shimmy out of my mini skirt.

Pre-cum is already oozing out, isn’t it? Time to stop stroking. Your balls are starting to ache and beg for release already aren’t they? Too bad so sad, you are not allowed to cum. Don’t forget, if you do, I’m going to scream for my parents and you’ll be off to jail. So whatever you do, don’t cum. It is amusing hearing you whimper and beg, pleading and offering to give me even more money if I let you cum. Who knows, maybe eventually you’ll offer enough that I’ll give in and say ok. Nope, just kidding! No hot teen sex for you! There isn’t enough money in the world to convince me to let you cum.

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