Loser Cuckold Husband: She goes out every weekend with one of her boyfriends

Loser Cuckold Husband: One of my loser Cuckolds is a married man to a woman who enjoys big cocks as much as I do. She goes out every weekend with one of her boyfriends, she has many to choose from. It turns him on that she leaves him at home to do the laundry and other chores while she is out having a good time. Cuckold has not been allowed to use his cock like a real man in many years.

It started when he was misbehaving with a secretary at the office. His wife found out, and that was the end of their sex life. He is not a man who a woman would desire really. In the end, that bit of flirtatious behavior caused him to lose the only real sex he had ever known. True Sex Stories like this one can be the result of some very naughty behavior.

At first, his wife would use a condom, and she would enjoy telling him about her adventures. There came a time when a man with a cock that women would swoon for refused to wear protection. It was that night; Cuckold began to understand how far he was down this hole. That evening she forced him to lick her pussy clean of all semen. To both of their surprise, it turned him on tasting where another man had been. Now she brings him loads every weekend. He wanted to be angry about, but that did not happen. Now he waits by the door and eagerly drops to his knees to lick up all the semen that covers his wife when she comes home. Some weekends they play a game where she only lets him masturbate if he can guess which lover filled her this time.

Loser Cuckold Husband: She likes being a slut for men that are well below her class

In the last year, things have changed. She bought a brand new smartphone. One night she was angry because he had not finished the dishes or taken out the trash. Halfway through the evening, his phone went off, and there was a video. His beautiful wife was sucking a giant black cock. The man was holding her phone and asking how his dick tasted. Cuckold told this story while he was absent-mindedly stroking his cock. It turned him on so much to watch her lips wrapped around something so massive and superior. It was not the reaction she wanted, but she enjoyed the control it gave her.

She does not send videos from her regular lovers; he is not allowed to watch those encounters. The ones that she sends to him are the strangers she picks up at a bar. The guy that she takes out in the back alley or goes to his car. She likes being a slut for men that are well below her class. These are men with huge cocks and bad dispositions. It turns her on to make Cuckold go without sex and watch her. He wants to say terrible things about her, but everything she does gives him more sexual pleasure than he has ever known. He is my cuckold, and he is her cuckold his place is always cleaning up after the real men in life that have the tool to please a woman!

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