My brother’s friend, Eric, is so handsome. He is also smart, funny, and uber nice. I have a thing for him and tend to flirt when he is at our house. He finally flirts back, and it leads to a longtime crush SPH.

We are hosting a party tonight at our house. With summer here and us having a pool, tons of people are attending. Of course, clothes are optional. In fact, swimsuits are optional too.

As the guests are arriving, I am seeing they all are bringing more alcohol with them. We have tons that we bought already. I hope it isn’t too crazy. Our parents are hanging out, so it should be chill.

Of course, I am not expecting the longtime crush SPH that will happen later.

Sure, I know there is going to be lots of kinky sex and fun! Hello, my brother and I are crazy kinky people. Similarly, so are our friends. It only makes sense; our party will be naughty.

Everyone is having a blast. Some people are dancing, others are swimming, and some are just hanging out chatting. It is still early, so nothing wild has started yet.

Until my friend, Robin, drops the last of her clothes. Still no sign of the longtime crush SPH. Robin is drop-dead gorgeous, and her body is gorgeous. Additionally, she is a cum slut.

Once she is naked, it is a call to all the guys to line up for a piece of her!

And, line up, they do. She is in the family room. They put her on a table and start filling her holes up. Not only that, she is going to get a bukkake shower from a bunch of early shooters.

Of course, a few hungry girls get in on the action to get their fill of that warm yummy cum. In the pool, multiple people are having their own fun—some couples and also groups.

I see my friend Jill and go over to join her and a couple of guys. They have nice big dicks. Definitely no longtime crush SPH yet. We take them on and get off with a bang.

The night is full of fun and cum as everyone is playing with each other, and my longtime crush SPH is coming.

My parents are even joining a pile of people in a mini-orgy. Oh, how fun is that?! I told you, our family is super kinky and wild. As I am enjoying watching everyone, Eric pops down beside me.

We are both buzzing from the alcohol, and the flirting is leveling up. Moving to kissing and making out. I grab his hand and take him to my bedroom. We lay on the bed making out.

He is still fully dressed, so I start undressing him. I am not expecting the longtime crush SPH, but it is coming. I get down to his underwear, and I don’t see much of a bulge.

As I pull them down, I am beyond shocked at that tiny little dick.

My surprise is obvious as I try to stifle my laughter. Since I am drinking, I am not doing well at it. In fact, I start laughing hysterically at that itty bitty pecker and can’t stop laughing.

He is hurt; I can see it in his eyes. Looking at him, I tell him it is too small for me. In fact, it is too small for any girl. All these years, I have been pining for a chance with you, and you had this sad cock.

Eric is so mad, he storms out, and I follow him laughing and trying to apologize. He locks himself in my brother’s room, and I don’t see him until morning. Of course, I continue to tease him through the door! Hahaha.

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