I need a prime cut to satisfy my longpig fetish hunger.

Having a longpig fetish = having a longing for your “man meat.” I’m not hungry for your fat cock in a sexual sense, though. Your cock is going “filling” something besides my pussy!

I cant wait to stuff my mouth with your entire cock . . . but only after it’s been properly seasoned and cooked, of course. Your fucked up snuff fantasy is the only main course that will satisfy my darkest desires, forbidden cravings.

Femdom doesn’t get more hardcore than tying you up with cooking twine and roasting you over an open flame for 6-8 hours.

Longpig fetish phone sex is a hardcore taboo role play and not for the faint of heart. I will only consider serious piggy applicants, of course. Do you think you’re meaty enough to feed my pretty friends and I at our next dinner party? You will be after I fatten you up for months in my basement!

Will we buy you off the auction block? Will we lure you? Bait you? Chloroform you? We might purchase our dinner (you) at the local “specialty” exotic butcher shop.

Your purpose in life is to satisfy me, nourish me, bring me contentment. What better way to give yourself to me completely than for me to consume you?

Imagine how my mouth will water as I delicately slice my perfectly marinated, succulent cock roast. The powerful women gathered at my table will “ooh” and “ahh” as they watch each tender piece of flesh fall from the fork.

As the hostess, it is my duty to take the first bite after each guest has been served. There’s nothing quite like the flavor-filled euphoria that cuts with the first bite of an impeccably prepared cock. Each bite is like a tiny, exquisitely seasoned explosion of flavor in my hungry mouth. Bon appétit!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke