Long hair hasn’t always been my preferred hairstyle.

Long hair used to be thought of as a chore, as far as I was concerned. I didn’t understand until my mid-twenties that men adore long hair. It drives them wild and makes me infinitely more attractive in their eyes. Sure, not all men are into long hair. In fact, some men don’t care for it at all. But, most men love it!

One of my favorite things about having long, straight hair is the feeling of it wrapped around a man’s fist. Getting fucked in doggy style and having my lover reach forward and grab ahold of my long, blonde hair. Wrapping it around his fist a time or two and pulling my head back so he can look into my eyes. Yum! Just thinking about that makes me wet in the panties.

My boyfriend has a real thing for long hair. In fact, I grew my hair a few inches longer recently just for him! He likes to run his fingers through it when we cuddle and sometimes he even brushes it for me. I find the act of hair brushing to be deeply erotic. It just feels so intimate and tender when your lover takes care of you in that way.

The other night when we were fucking and I was on top, I let my hair fall forward onto his chest. My boyfriend is super ticklish and I love watching him react when the ends of my hair brush against his skin. I can tell it really turns him on to feel my hair whisper across his skin because he always fucks me harder and faster while it’s happening. I teased him mercilessly with my long hair while I rode his cock. Leaning back, I let the ends of my hair tickle his thighs and his balls.

I don’t plan to ever cut my hair short again. Not after I’ve experienced all this extra attention and love it long. I love all the compliments I get from my man and from everyone else!

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