Long hair fetish gets me some good dick.


Long hair fetish? Yeah, my friend is into long hair. Trichophilia it’s also called. Okay, we’re technically friends but we’re more like fuck buddies. I’ve never known someone who was into that fetish, but I can totally see why! Hair, especially a woman’s, can be really beautiful. So soft and luscious. I know mine is quite nice, if I do say so myself. It’s always fun when we have sex. We enjoy exploring in the bedroom and each other’s bodies. We’ve done many kinky things together which I’ve quite enjoyed! Recently, I switched my shampoo and conditioner. It’s done wonders for my long hair.

We went straight to my place because the both of us were clearly in a horny state. When we got inside, I noticed how he kept looking at my long shiny hair. I noticed his long hair fetish. Then he would ask if he could touch it. Honestly, I didn’t mind. Actually, I was thinking it’s kind of hot how my locks were intriguing him so much. I never thought I would think that in my life but there I was thinking it!

I helped strip him down. He laid back on the bed while I was still clothed. Then he told me to strip down for him. So, like a good girl, I did as I was told. Taking off each piece of clothing slowly and sensually. With the last piece of clothing, my panties, falling to the floor, I looked up at him. A mischievous smile formed across my face. I ran my fingers through my hair. Some of my beautiful locks falling over my perky breasts. When I did this, I noticed his cock twitched. I didn’t say anything. So I ran my fingers through my hair again, playing with it.

Long hair fetish now has me turned on!

That’s when I saw him reach for his hard cock. Wrapping his hand around his shaft as I played with my hair. Twirling it with my fingers. This is when I fully realized that he was seriously turned on by my soft, long hair. So of course I was going to have some fun with it!

So I proceeded to climb onto the bed, getting between his legs. Then I leaned down, my hair falling all around me. I looked up at him just enough to see the intense look of arousal on his face. My silky long hair gently dragged across his thighs. His hand was still on his throbbing cock until I pushed it away. I didn’t say anything.

What I did next was spur of the moment. Grabbing locks of my luxurious hair I wrapped them around his shaft. His long hair fetish was so hot. It just felt right to be doing this. So, I began stroking him as he laid back watching my hair envelop his erection. My locks also reached his balls which were so full of seed. He was in ecstasy, enjoying every second of what I was doing to him.

His moans were becoming louder as I kept diligently jerking his cock. He told me to not stop and so I kept on until… Until he exploded all over my silky smooth hair! At that moment I felt surprised and also proud of myself. I never thought I could get someone off this way! Needless to say, but my fuck buddy discovered that night that he’s into trichophilia. Now he wants to keep exploring this fetish. I’m honestly ready to explore it again as well!

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