What Is Locktober?

When is Locktober? Better yet, what is Locktober? I will bet that these are the first questions that are popping into your head as you read this. Locktober typically takes place in October and is a month-long celebration of male chastity. However, the practice of male chastity is not exclusive to just the month of October. Yes, that is right, boys! Your cock can be locked into a cock-cage at any time throughout the year.

Should you participate in Locktober? In short, yes. But, if you are new to male chastity, no. A 31-day challenge is not a realistic goal for you at the moment. However, I applaud your tenacity. You will need that more than ever throughout your Locktober journey.

There are several benefits to orgasm denial, mostly psychological, that will help to enhance your sex life. Achieving a higher level of sexual satisfaction is your ultimate goal. Isn’t it? As we all know, amazing feats are not so easy to attain. Mmm, but isn’t it so fucking amazing once we do?

Depriving yourself of such a raw and primal reward will most certainly require a large amount of strong will and dedication on your part. This will definitely require you to have the physical strength to deny yourself an orgasm. But more importantly, are you mentally capable of overcoming the total mind-fuck that awaits you? Locktober is the perfect opportunity to find out if you have what it takes!


History of Male Chastity

To better understand Locktober, it is essential that I give you a super brief history lesson into male chastity. Victorian-era inventors used the fantasized female chastity device as inspiration in their pursuit to invent an anti-masturbation device. We all know that masturbation is a sinful, disgusting, and dirty act. 🙄 An act that will almost always lead to a small cock, shrunken and shriveled balls, infertility, and in extreme and rare cases, loss of your penis. 😅

Thankfully, those inventors were looking out for cocks around the world! Because they came up with some amazingly creative devices. Many are to take preventative measures by not allowing the cock to become erect. Others are to humiliate, to shame, and even some to cause pain.

I imagine that a male chastity device that prohibits the cock from becoming erect will be quite uncomfortable. But, some of the first cock cages were barbaric and would leave permanent scarring or cause disfigurement. Obviously, it is no surprise that many of these male chastity devices are no longer in use today.

Go ahead and take a deep breath there, buddy! You are luckily dodging a bullet here. You are so fucking welcome. However, there is an abundance of extreme chastity devices to choose from if you are looking to add a bit of cock and ball torture to your Locktober experience.

Locking Your Cock – Chastity Devices

Of course, if you are choosing to partake in the Locktober festivities, you will need one significant thing. Your first step will be to prepare yourself by getting the proper male chastity device. With so many options available, I do not doubt that you will find the perfect cock cage to use. Cock cages range from anything to the elementary device to devices that look like they are a prop in the latest sci-fi film.

When you are choosing your penis cage, it is super important to measure accurately. Male chastity devices are available in a few different sizes to ensure that you will wear a properly fitting cock cage. After you have precisely measured your cock, you will choose your Locktober male chastity device. Will you go with a body-safe plastic silicone? Or maybe you prefer the stainless steel male chastity devices?

Choosing Your Keyholder For Locktober

Involving your Keyholder in the process of selecting your cock cage is always a great idea. Who is a keyholder? A keyholder is your superior and the person that will hold the key to your cock cage. Depending upon your relationship, shopping for your male chastity device with your keyholder can be super fucking hot or utterly humiliating.

An exchange of power takes place when a cock is locked away in a cage. Your keyholder must be someone that you know well and someone that you trust. Consenting to male chastity is not a decision that either party should take lightly. You are giving away immense control and power. It is imperative that your keyholder understands this. Your keyholder must respect this gift that you are giving to them. Your keyholder will handle this gift with great care and responsibility.

Celebrate Locktober With Me

Locktober is a fun way to celebrate male chastity. With that said, locktober should not be treated as a trend that you are just now hearing about and want to try out on a whim. Cock control through male chastity is an intimate, fun, and erotic experience that will be enjoyable for both you and I. If you think that your cock and your ego can stand up against my FemDom Tease and Denial; then I challenge you to celebrate Locktober with me. For 31 days, you and I will spend a lot of time together, perfecting the art of orgasm control.